Car bike

    After such a title, many probably began to associate with the bike? But no! Here we will talk about the most common vehicles with a small but very useful refinement.

    This design was created by Nasser Al Shawaf, a developer from Saudi Arabia. Taking the Audi A4 Avant as a basis, he replaced the gas pedal with an exercise bike connected to the ECU (engine control unit in the car).

    Thus, depending on the intensity of the torsion of the pedals, the impact on the throttle valve of the car also changes (considering that in this car the electronic “adaptation” process did not take much time).

    There are few pedal modes.

    1. "Drive Slow" - for slow movement with a lot of obstacles around, for example, in the city.
    2. “Drive Fast” - for driving on highways and free spaces.
    3. "No Drive" - ​​idling without movement (for training without moving the car).

    The last mode of operation was exactly the “first” one that came to the developer’s head during the next idle in a traffic jam on the way to work. Further, the idea has already developed into a full-fledged startup PPV FitCar.

    There are also options to "spin the pedals."

    The American division of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing has filed a patent for a system for recharging unmanned taxis from a pedal-driven generator. To encourage passengers to recharge batteries in this way is planned to reduce the price of travel in accordance with the energy generated.

    Such a taxi with bicycle charging is not the most ambitious idea, since the auxiliary pedal drive can be implemented on a larger vehicle.

    So the project of the electric bus Project Cycling Bus provides just the use of a pedal drive for charging batteries. Pedal will be twisted by people on the second floor of the bus, and ordinary passengers will ride on the first floor. The “charging” bus will be free, but due to the fare for the rest, it is supposed to make a profit (in fact, it turns out that people will sell their energy through an intermediary to others).

    This is only one side of the coin. Do not forget that the production of energy with the help of pedals is possible in a stationary mode.

    Along the way, of course, it will still be a good warming up of the body, which will allow you to set the temperature in the cabin lower for comfortable pedaling.

    PS - Further, in the presence of an advanced autopilot, it is also possible to expand the fitness functions through arms for the arms. Combining exercise and warm-up with movement in space will be useful for people with sedentary work. Of course, few people want to be seen in the stream, and in this case the glass will most likely be with automatic tinting.

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    Would you have installed such pedals in your car?

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