Augmented reality for top officials of states

    In the article, we will talk about what it means to work on projects in augmented and virtual reality in a company that has done such projects for top officials of the states: Vladimir Putin, Nursultan Nazarbayev and Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong .

    The material was prepared on the basis of a lecture by Andrei Sudarikov, co-founder and creative director of Playdisplay, which was held at the VR-Today conference as part of our educational program "Game Project Management" at the Higher School of Law . Abstract under the cut.

    Company Playdisplay there 6 years ago and was one of the first in the field of augmented reality. Its co-founder and creative director Andrei Sudarikov has been involved in graphic design for 20 years.
    The name Playdisplay consists of two words - “play” and “show”.

    It all started with augmented reality cards using ARToolKit technology. They were square black and white, similar to QR codes. At that time it was not possible to perceive markers of absolutely any kind. With the help of these cards a project was made for the children's Gaidar library. There was no mobile augmented reality and Playdisplay made it for desktop computers with an external webcam.

    At one of the youth forums, the founders of the company met with the governor of the Astrakhan region and showed him their portfolio, subsequently receiving an order for a project for the planetarium.

    One of the first major projects was the installation for the Garage Museum. She vividly showed what the temporary architecture in Gorky Park looked like. A mobile application of augmented reality was made, which demonstrated the lost architecture of the park when the mobile device was pointed at the map. This project was seen by Dmitry Medvedev .

    One of Playdisplay's customers is the “Airports of the Regions” holding. Companies needed installations for exhibitions in different cities and countries. The Chicago Aviation Forum was attended by Changi Airport CEO from Singapore, who really liked the PlayDisplay installation. After 2 years, Changi employees contacted PlayDisplay with a request to make a similar installation in Singapore.

    Project Video:

    A little later, the company presented its developments to Vladimir Putin at the Seliger forum.

    When you work with top managers, it is important to consider that you will always have very little time to prepare, you will not have a second chance to make a first impression - everything should work perfectly.

    Another of the Playdisplay cases is a museum in Astana. In an empty space with the help of a helmet of virtual reality, various exhibits can be viewed. The contacts that the company developed on this project led her to Nursultan Nazarbayev. PlayDisplay has received an order to create an installation for a new ice arena. For 8 days of work, the team was able to make a six-minute mapping show with the history of Kazakh hockey, as well as create an installation with augmented reality. The viewer saw himself on the screen, and on the table - a three-dimensional model in augmented reality. A representative of the customer asked the day before the presentation: “Why do I see myself here? Mr. President, this may not be pleasant, ” and he had to redo the project overnight, eliminating the augmented reality algorithm from it.

    Project Video:

    There are nuances that can only be understood with experience. For example, during one of the object inspections, the FSO found that the sticker on the exhibit table was made of highly toxic plastic, and this almost ruined the entire project. It is important to understand that a project is not only code that runs on a particular device, but all the experience that occurs when it comes into contact with your product.

    It often happens that between the development and real communication with the people to whom it will be heard, there is a gap. What is needed in order to pay attention to your project?

    Special offer

    This is not only about marketing and advertising, but generally about any product and any development. Creating a unique product will give an impetus not only to promoting your business, but also to your personal growth. Realize what your uniqueness is and how to present it correctly. Then exhibitions, corporations, any doors and opportunities will be open for you.

    What is the uniqueness of Playdisplay?

    Design and branding. The company is aimed at solving the most important tasks of the client by looking at them through the prism of branding and marketing.
    Game and emotions. Projects do not just show something, but involve a person in the process, causing emotions.
    Novelty, technology and creativity. Using new technologies: virtual and augmented reality.

    Each company can, for example, to identify for themselves some unique areas and begin to develop and promote them. Focus on them and you will succeed.


    Individuals or companies that somehow have an impact on what you do. All those in contact with your product. You need to understand who they are and what they need. Consider the experience of Playdisplay in interacting with presidential projects.

    • Playplay
    • Customer company
    • Customer Manager
    • Manager
    • Customer Shareholders
    • Event venue administrators
    • Administration of the President
    • President's team
    • FSO
    • The president
    • Ordinary people

    It all looks like chaos. There are not two points of contact: the customer is the contractor . In fact, there are many more. Given all these actors, we can think through a solution so that it meets the interests of the customer, and not the manager, for example. So that it meets the requirements of the president, but does not contradict the requirements of the FSO.

    Transaction cycle

    If we talk about projects where you need to prepare for a long time, these are complex deals. To get an order, you need to talk with someone, someone should recommend you. There are many intermediate steps that you should consider. In fact, the chain looks like this:

    PR (sundress, exhibitions, website, SMM) - Acquaintance - Commercial offer 1 version - Competition - Commercial offer 2 version - Approval - Commercial offer 3 version - Tender - Contract - Terms of Reference - Development - Delivery - Presentation - Repeated appeals.

    It is very important to attend the presentation, so as not to lose the point of contact with the client. It is very important to keep your name and move your brand wherever possible. It will be he who will form the cloud of opportunities for you.

    Development stages

    Your employees should know them and be able to present them correctly to the client:

    What are you doing this for?

    The main question that you should always ask yourself. This leads to global awareness, and it, in turn, leads to a happy life and prosperity for your companies.

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