How do you like it, Ilon Musk: BMW and Porsche have developed a charge that adds 100 km of travel in 3 minutes

    Electro-gas station in Bavaria, Germany. Source: BMW Group

    The operation of electric vehicles is becoming increasingly simple, thanks to both the improvement of the vehicles themselves and the gradual development of the corresponding infrastructure in different countries. One of the most difficult problems is fast charging of electric vehicle batteries. This is necessary in order to full charge did not have to wait for hours.

    A typical Tesla system charges the battery up to 80% in about half an hour. This is quite a lot, because the driver has to wait dozens of minutes, which is not always there. But now there are solutions from other manufacturers. In particular, BMW and Porsche have createdfast charging, which charges the battery of an electric vehicle to a power reserve of 100 km in just 3 minutes. It also allows you to recharge the battery up to 80% in just 15 minutes.

    This is only slightly slower than a motorist needs in order to refuel his car with regular fuel. Thanks to the new technology, electric cars are becoming even more attractive to the end user. As the number of electric cars grows, the demands to build the infrastructure necessary for electric cars are getting louder and louder.

    Now BMW, Daimler AG and Volkswagen AG are building a network of fast charging stations along European highways.

    Ultra-fast charging for electric vehicles was developed by a consortium, which includes not only the companies already mentioned, but also Siemens AG. On Wednesday in Bavaria, Germany, a new electric refueling station was opened, which is based on the technology developed by the partners. It installed two experimental terminals with a capacity of 450 kilowatts. The most interesting thing is that it is free for owners of electric vehicles of all existing models. But not forever, but only at the time of testing.

    The new station is compatible with electric cars of any brand, the only condition is that they must be equipped with a 400 or 800-volt charging system with the CCS Type 2 standard. The station itself selects the mode, and in a fully automatic mode.

    In order to withstand the process of fast charging, Porsche uses a special cooling system that keeps the temperature of the battery cells. In addition, electric cables are also cooled.

    Porsche representatives said that by 2020, the total investment in the development of various technologies in the field of electric vehicles will be about 6 billion euros. Some of these funds will be mastered as part of the development of hybrid machines, some - to create new Taycan models, as well as to develop the infrastructure necessary for the entire sphere.

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