Learn product management - where?

    It is no secret that tech companies are starving wildly at good grocery shots. In San Francisco, when you go to work even for an individual contributor position, you often get a bonus for signing an offer in the amount of $ 5 to $ 25 thousand, not to mention the share in the company.

    The good news is that because of this, product training programs hire excellent mentors, compete on content quality and generously subsidize the cost of training.

    Below is a selection of several courses where you can upgrade your product skills.

    • Product University (Free, 2 months, Russian). Arkady Moreynis's free acceleration program (@temno) without interrupting work. Payment for the course - after employment in the grocery company. An offer that cannot be refused.
    • Product Star ($ 180- $ 440, 2 months, Russian). Course author Misha Karpov (Skyeng) with a bunch of classroom mentors and teachers.
    • Go Practice (Estimates: ~ $ 530, ~ 2 months, Russian). Online course from Oleg Yakubenkov (ex Facebook) with real cases involving game mechanics and subsidies in case of employment.
    • Product Mindset (Free, 2 months, Russian). Online program for the development of grocery thinking for very beginners. Nobody talks about employment, but there are mentors (alas, I don’t know any of them) and a ticket to the afterparty conference.
    • Product Management @ Coursera ($ 49 / month, 4 months, English). If you are doing well with concentration and you can get things done, a great low-cost program from the University of Alberta, Canada.
    • Product Management @ General Assembly ($ 3,950, 2.5 months - online, 1 week - intensive, English). GA is an advanced training for millenials. Gold standard in the USA. I personally know a couple of instructors, great people.
    • Product Management @ Berkeley ($ 7,950, 5 days, intensive on campus Berkeley, California, English). Perhaps, for the majority it is overkill, but if you want the Berkliykh regalia and you can afford it, then a very good course. The creator is a professor at Berkeley Haas Business School, a fan of design thinking, PhD at Stanford.

    Compiled by Alexey Ivanov ( @PonchikNews ).

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