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    podcastWeb Standards Podcast, Release # 150: Edge is now Chrome, Flutter for the Web, accessibility.
    podcastPodcast "Weekend a Frontend" # 82 - Maxim Salnikov about how to move to Oslo and become a Google Developer Expert'om
    podcastDevshahta - podcast: 60: Price of abstraction
    podcastPodcast "Frontend Youth (18+)" # 74 Chinese treshka
    videoVideo Blog Vadim Makeev: 12. How to insert twenty videos from YouTube and not download an elephant
    enpodcastMy JavaScript Story podcast: 088: Nicholas Zakas

    Web development

    WordPress 5.0 has been released (with Gutenberg on React), laying the foundation for a new platform
    enProgressive web applications: examples and uses of PWA
    enIntroduction to Background Fetch
    enHTML Canvas API guide
    enProtecting the site as if it were now 1999
    enGoing Offline First (Video Series)
    enWhy you should use GatsbyJS to create static sites
    enResponsive images using SVG instead of Srcset
    enInteractive repulsion effect using Three.js


    habrMicrosoft has officially confirmed that Edge is switching to the Chromium engine
    habrA variety of browsers begins with us
    The release of the Chrome 71 web browser
    • The head of Mozilla criticized Microsoft’s transition to Chromium
    Qualcomm and Mozilla are working on the Firefox browser for Windows on ARM


    Painless CSS lint with stylelint
    enFill the gap between CSS and JavaScript: CSS modules, PostCSS and the future of CSS
    enVenn diagram on CSS
    enCreating switches with CSS variables
    CSS enprogramming
    enWhat do you call color variables for?
    enA selection of creative text shadows on CSS with CodePen


    habrImba: a JavaScript-compatible language for quick work with the DOM
    Little-known JavaScript features
    enThis year in JavaScript: 2018 review and npm predictions for 2019
    enShould Data Science professionals be trained in JavaScript?
    enUnbutable web applications


    How an 8-year-old boy became the highest paid YouTube in 2018
    HackerOne introduced hacking skills sandboxes
    Chinese Google dilemma: The history of the development of the Dragonfly search engine and protests against the “threat to free Internet”
    Officially: Google will close the messenger Allo in March 2019 and focus on the development of Messages, Duo and Hangouts for business
    Google personalizes the output even in incognito-mode - DuckDuckGo study
    enUX status in 2019

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