50 years later. The mother of all demos

    “The computer revolution has not happened yet.
    (The computer revolution hasnt happened yet)
    - Alan Kay



    Today, 50 years after the historic event known as the " mother of all demos " ( of The Mother of the All Demos ). And I start the project "Engelbart" ( whatever that is and whatever that means ).

    I heard about Engelbart from Danila Medvedev (a very radical futurologist, I disagree with most of his ideas, but there are healthy pearls ) in 2015. Since then, I have become infected. The world has become different, I saw a possible point of application of effort. It is thanks to this lecture that the translation of Vannevar Bush ( As We May Think ), and Engelbart, and the digging of the history of IT, and the study of Palantir appeared (a series of articles on Habré - Palantiriad) and an interview with Alan Kay , the translation of the book "The Dream Machine" . The idea became defining in my life.

    The task is very relevant and worries many: the post of Nikita Prokopov in translation m1rko - " My disappointment in the software " (+443, 263,000 readings, 2,400 comments). This is only in Russia. And with iron, too, everything is not optimal: "The response time of computers: 1977−2017 . " (Or a tougher article with mats .)
    Internet is currently broken.
    - Alexander Lyamin, Qrator . [ source ]
    The impossible task for the Engelbart project is to “reload the matrix”, “rebuild” the entire field of information technology, the Internet and computer hardware, taking into account all the errors of the first (current) version.

    The next steps are translations and collecting key conceptual documents in one place and searching for like-minded people ( wake up, Neo! What you are looking for is also looking for you .) At gunpoint - Vannevar Bush, Joseph Liklider, Paul Otlet, Alan Kay, Douglas Engelbart, Glushkov, Lebedev, Ershov, WikiPedia, Web Archive, Knol, Quora, Cybersyn, Xanadu, DARPA, IARPA.

    Strong visionaries foresaw the Internet, describing its important properties for decades before the moment when the Internet became widespread. The overwhelming majority of thinking beings still do not understand what the Network is and what the "prophets" talked about. Why not discuss their work anew, raise the quality of discourse by an order of magnitude, involve a wider audience in the conversation and, finally, move on to more serious things?
    - Ruslan Pocket , Facebook comment
    In Russian, there are catastrophically few translation materials for Engelbart himself (but there are also many articles about him). I propose to flush and translate at least a couple of videos together, write in a personal email to magisterludi2016@yandex.ru, go to fb - www.facebook.com/stcnk

    Google Mail with the Augmenting Human Intellect:
    A Conceptual Framework here
    , you can add.

    Danila Medvedev had an idea to make a monument to Engelbart. We discussed the hologram, 3D printing, blockchain and more. In my opinion, the best monument is to realize what Douglas Engelbart devoted his life to. And I have an understanding of how to do this, and what can already be done right now.


    Danila Medvedev: “Silicone divorce, or why the PC revolution never happened”:

    4 parts video

    The Dream Machine: The History of the Computer Revolution. Prologue

    DNA IT


    Alan Kay



    “All people dream, but each in their own way. Those who dream in the middle of the night, plunging into the dusty nooks of their consciousness, wake up disappointed: their dreams are vanity. Dangerous are those who dream in the light of day. They think of the covenant with their eyes open and therefore make the covenant possible. I do that. ”
    - Lawrence of Arabia

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