Survey of IT specialists. To you or to you?

    It is no secret that in the vast majority of offices, where many programmers, administrators, etc. work, everyone communicates with "you", and often regardless of position and age.

    At the same time, when communicating on sites on the Internet (facebook, habr, etc.), even on purely "programmer" topics, there was a lot of "digging". I note that in the zero on the Internet, everyone was strictly on the "you", with no options, and gradually it comes to naught.

    Perhaps this is because, at the dawn of the development of the Internet, almost exclusively one youth was hanging out there, and now this is far from the case. Eighty-year-old grandmothers are in full view of TV shows on the Internet and rejoice.

    I propose a small survey-measurement on this topic. In a couple of years we will repeat to see the trend.

    Naturally, not all languages ​​have this difference. In English, everything is on “you,” for example. Although there used to be the word thou, which can still be found in Shakespeare or in the Bible. (By the way, the analogue of “you have” is “thou hast”, almost like “du hast” by Rammstein).

    So poll! If no item is suitable, write in the comments.
    How is it customary at your work? :)

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do you have everything at work for you or for you?

    • 28.7% with colleagues on “you”, with bosses on “you” 698
    • 30.2% all on “you” 735
    • 3.2% all on “you” 80
    • 34.6% all on “you”, with a cleaner on “you” 842
    • 3.1% other (specify in comments) 77

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