Fictional stories about EastBanc Technologies in photos

    Every year we come up with a new concept for the corporate calendar. As promised a year ago , we made our calendar 2017 completely different from the previous one. It turned out, it seems, the warmest and very real. The whole truth about EastBanc Technologies in our post today.

    Conscious of the calendar, we wanted to tell our partners and friends that behind our technical solutions are living enthusiastic people. According to the plan, the main topic of the calendar was to be a story about the real life of our team - about how the eyes of our developers are burning, when you need to quickly solve an interesting problem. How do we sometimes fight, conquering kicking new technologies, how we argue over decisions, how we gather our will in the fist, when we need to hand over the project in a short time. We wanted to tell about all this in our calendar. But how to take all this in the photo?

    While a thought process is going on at a frantic speed in a developer’s brain, while he is delighted with his find, desperate for the complexity of the task, or enraged by someone else’s ugly piece of code, an outside observer sees only a programmer who sits motionless for 5 hours at the computer. All adventures take place in the space of intelligence.

    Therefore, we decided to talk about our work through images from the non-working lives of our employees, because in it they show the same personal qualities as in professional activities. So the concept of the calendar was born - we decided to make the most vibrant emotional photos without photoshop about what purposeful, gambling, versatile people work in our team. In each plot, the key emotion captured in the frame is a story not only about the hero of the photo, but also about the principles and strengths common to EastBanc Technologies.

    Thinking of taking a photo “The Jewel of the moment”, we wanted to talk about the fact that in our work it is sometimes impossible to miss an important moment. You either do it now and become the first, the best, or someone takes your place. You can’t postpone something for later because of laziness, expectation of someone, “unimportance” ... Our motto: “If you see an opportunity, realize it.”
    Our developer Danil became the hero of the photo, because he, as a young father, is well aware of the uniqueness of the moment. He entrusted us with the most precious thing - the first photo shoot of his daughter Karina, which was only 3 months old. Karina became the only model on the calendar who fell asleep right during the filming. But we managed to make that very shot.

    Memorable moments are only separate episodes in our work. There is much more hard work in it, in which you need to complete the project, no matter how difficult it may be. Even if before us, the customer was replaced by almost a dozen developers, and we became the last one that could make a quality product. Even if the work required twice as many resources as planned. Writing a program is only half the battle, it’s much harder to get to the end, correct mistakes, test in real combat conditions, and implement. The following photo is about this readiness to reach the end in each of our undertakings.

    In the photo, developers Peter, Konstantin and Nikolai on the North Chuysky ridge in the Altai Mountains. “This was my first climb to such a height,” says Peter. - We climbed the ice. Most of the way we went along the ridge, where there is an abyss on the right or left. It was not scary, because there was no time for thoughts of fear. We have to think about every step. Due to the lack of oxygen, you spend a lot of energy on any movement. ”
    Konstantin was a beginner in the group of climbers, so the climb was difficult for him: “But I liked it. Therefore, in the same year I took up additional physical training and went to Belukha. The second climb was already much easier for me. Now we plan to go to Crete and go down to the 7 most interesting canyons and gorges there. ”

    In the next photo of our calendar, we wanted to talk about trust in each other. Maybe this sounds a little pathetic, but in a technical work you can not do without a good human relationship. Our customers trust us, and we trust each other, our team. To make a working business application, you need to communicate directly with future users of the systems. And our customers provide access to all their business processes. We come to partners and in real conditions study the business process that we have to automate. Without exaggeration, the reliability of processes in the business of customers depends on the reliability of our software solutions. We take on this responsibility to partners because we have a team that we trust.
    When we thought about trust, a story about dance was born, in the shooting of which our developer Alexander and his girlfriend took part. They are not only fond of dancing themselves, but also teach the Brazilian dance Forro, rare for our northern latitudes.

    People far from development do not even imagine what excitement can be experienced sitting at a computer table. No less than some experience for gambling. You should have seen the glowing eyes of our tester Lyuba when she applied deduction and found where the dog rummaged through the logs of the system of one of our customers. And with what excitement we came up with a light bulb controller for a student IoT solution master class and taught it to turn on from a smartphone through the AWS service. It was the excitement we devoted this photo to.
    One of the heroes of the photo was our development director Dmitry - a very gambling man, like his three daughters, who regularly beat him at poker and in a bunch of dice. At home, with your family, or at work, with colleagues, our people are people who live and work with excitement.

    To make a ready-made software product, the painstaking work of many participants is required. When the layout designer translates the layout into a finished page, trying to take into account every nuance, or when the developer fixes bugs and brings the product to perfection, these processes can be compared to woodcarving - they also require extreme concentration. That is why, to shoot a story about our craftsmanship, we wanted to find a very warm idea about something done with the soul. The story about the hobby of our tester Elena, who is interested in wood carving, turned out to be suitable.
    The skill of a programmer, of course, is not only the ability to “meditate” for hours in front of a monitor screen. Now you need to develop rapidly with modern technology to produce an ultra-modern result. Sometimes this is not easy. For example, when developing the server side of one of the projects, we decided to use the latest Angular2 platform. As it turned out, the platform was still not capable of everything that we needed. But despite the technical difficulties, in the end the solution was successfully released.
    Another example of our willingness to keep up to date is the release of our own framework. This year, we pledged our open source community to our Right-Angled library to optimize tables that are abundant in business applications.

    We love to fight - for the result, for quality, for speed. This is our next plot. In the photo, our colleagues during the game in the corporate basketball team. In the photo, project manager Natalya against developer Alexei and other EastBanc Technologies basketball team players. Yes, our girls are in no way inferior to men in their willingness to fight at least on the sports ground, even in heated debates on work issues.

    In the photo, our designer and part-time amateur astronomer Daria. To find a particular star in the sky, Daria has to study its location in specialized sources in advance, and then patiently adjust the telescope until the desired celestial body comes into focus. We removed this story about readiness for patient search for the calendar because it is definitely about us. We are interested in approaching each task from the perspective of a researcher, discovering new things, inventing, expanding borders, including for our clients. For example, sometimes a customer comes to us for a solution that allows us to simplify only one local process and already learns from us that today there are full-fledged systems for optimizing the complex of tasks at once.

    In the photo, our developer Danil, who swims and works very skillfully. Technique requires constant training. Therefore, we have no time to relax, we study all the time and introduce new technologies. For example, we started living according to the principles of devops and continuous integration long before it became mainstream and we continue to improve these practices. We are increasingly implementing code review and optimizing testing and bug fixing processes. And we are constantly improving the quality of our code and our products. Our specialists are certified for key technologies, which gives us golden partner statuses, and with them licenses for Microsoft products.

    There are projects from the series “Swam - Know”, and there are those that challenge and open up completely new horizons. These are the second - the most valuable. They teach us something new and make us more experienced. Therefore, we undertake them, even if it is difficult. We love development. When there is a really exciting project, sometimes you forget about the rest and about food. Making the story of this passionate love for development was the hardest thing.
    The heroes were our developers and part-time yachtsmen. These shootings were the most epic adventure. Although the guys in windbreakers portrayed easy skiing in the Mediterranean, it was actually hellishly cold. The sun and sea in the photo look like real ones, but the air temperature is +7, and the water temperature is +12. And the sun is Siberian, and the sea is Ob.
    Behind the scenes was the boat from which the shooting was conducted. The boat was driven by professionally cutting circles around the yacht, the brave Dina, head of the design department. At some point, Dina began to control too bravely, drove close and waved the yacht on her side, at the same time nearly dipping the photographer and 800 captured photos into the water. Dina mentally prepared an excuse for the leadership for drowning two valuable developers. But it turned out that the guys didn’t see it, they immediately aligned the yacht, nevertheless they have the third category in yachting and they are winners in the Sailing Cup of Siberia.
    So it turned out that the sea and development are our elements. Though sometimes they bring surprises:

    We are as versatile as the people we have. Sometimes the result exceeds expectations. For example, starting a project to create a mobile application for inspecting a car , no one could have imagined that it would be so effective that it would become an industry standard. And recently we surprised ourselves when we moved to a new level of work with Front end - developing not just interfaces, but a single design language for a set of customer projects. The result was the creation of a single ecosystem of dozens of customer applications, more manageable for the owner and more user-friendly. To talk about what unexpected talents sometimes open up for our team, we chose a story about the unusual hobby of our iOS developer Mark.

    Mark is keen on organizing Pop-up cinema nights. This is a street entertainment for those who like to watch movies and dance. Mark and his friends all summer every Saturday chose some unexpected place, for example, a beach, a forest glade or a parking lot, turned it into an unusual location with a screen and hundreds of light bulbs and showed the film to everyone. The show ended with an open-air disco. For a new event, he came up with his own unique idea: “Each time we changed locations and the whole style,” says Mark. - We did the scenery, full of surroundings. I was inspired by the idea to instantly do something new, create a moment and enjoy living with friends. ”

    By the time the calendar was shot, the open-air movie season was over. But we were so excited about the idea of ​​filming a story about our creativity that we specially decorated an unfinished house for photos. The decoration took about a thousand light bulbs!

    Our partners appreciate us for having our own view on any project. Of course, we always listen to the customer very carefully, but we offer our vision and our own solution to the problem, based on knowledge of technology, market knowledge, our experience and common sense. In the photo, our main ideologist and part-time leader is Director Dmitry.

    And finally, we are not only our colleagues, but also our families. Supporting loved ones is the best source of strength. For children and their parents, we are happy to make special events and prepare gifts. For example, for this New Year we came up with mittens for children in the form of an EBT bar (our mascot) and found knitters who manually tied more than 60 mittens and gloves according to individual patterns of our hands children.

    The next calendar has become our favorite creative project, in which we, as in all our developments, have invested not only efforts, but also the soul. In our work, the people who do it are very important. Behind millions of lines of code, there are live, creative guys to rely on. This is what we tried to tell in our photo story about the real, living EastBanc Technologies.

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