Magento Meetup Kharkiv №4 - video reports

    On September 7, in Kharkov, for the fourth time, Magento meetup was held. They talked about improving performance, improving the quality of the code and the internationalization of content. We have compiled video presentations below.


    Video by

    Anton Guz - Internationalization and Localization in Magento

    Mikhail Slabko - Performance recommendations: Theory and Practice

    Alexey Lysenko - Tools for improving the quality of the code


    Magento Contribution Day

    The next day after the meeting, the Contribution Day was traditionally held. 15 developers from different companies worked on improving Magento 2 and by the evening set up 5 pool of requests. The most active contributors received tickets for MageConf'18, which was held in November in Kiev.

    Lead of Performance Team from Magento Michael Slabko helped to carry out the Contribution Day.


    The following events are scheduled for January. Event information will appear on the Magecom page .

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