Discussion of a free PVS-Studio license for projects hosted on GitHub

    Free PVS-Studio for anyone developing open source projects on GitHub?

    I bring to attention a prototype of an article entitled “Free PVS-Studio for everyone who develops open projects on GitHub”. I ask you to approach this topic constructively and express suggestions and criticisms of the case. Interesting opinion, how the proposed option is reasonable and convenient? What can be improved? What additional restrictions can I add? Who among you has used / not used and why?

    Once again, the article is a trial one and has the purpose of organizing a discussion. If you came across this post in 2019, then please go to the new version of the article .

    Free PVS-Studio for everyone who develops open projects on GitHub

    On the eve of celebrating the new 2019, the PVS-Studio team decided to make a nice gift to all contributors of open-source projects hosted on GitHub. They are given the opportunity to use the free PVS-Studio static analyzer for the development of open source projects.

    We help make open source code better and more reliable. Although, thanks to our publications, over 10,000 errors have been fixed in open source projects.This is clearly not enough. Our team is not physically able to regularly check thousands of open source projects. Therefore, in 2016, we offered the free licensing option of PVS-Studio. The only condition is the presence of special comments in the code. More details about this type of licensing are described in the article " How to use PVS-Studio for free ."

    To meet the wishes of the GitHub community, we decided to provide the opportunity to use PVS-Studio for free to everyone who participates in the development of open source projects hosted on GitHub.

    We give everyone a free license for a period of 2 years. To obtain a license, you must:

    1. Go to page: ___;
    2. Enter a link to your GitHub profile;
    3. Enter the e-mail to which the license key will be sent;
    4. Submit a free license request.

    Upon expiration of the license, you will be able to obtain a new license key in the same way.

    The key is individual and can only be used to check open projects published on GitHub. Free license does not apply to project mirrors.

    The old version of the free use of the analyzer when adding comments to the code remains valid. This mode has its advantages. For example, it can be used by students to test their projects without having to post them on GitHub. Moreover, the previous version allows using the analyzer in general in closed projects.


    Free users are supported through responses on the StackOverflow website. This condition is described in more detail in the article "How to use PVS-Studio for free "(see chapter" Addendum: Support "). We want to note that StackOverflow is not a bug tracker. Let's discuss there issues related specifically to the operation of the analyzer, its modes of operation, etc. To inform us about An explicit bug, please, continue to write to us in support.

    The free licenses promotion is indefinite. However, if we feel that something has gone wrong, we reserve the right to change its conditions or stop it. We also reserve the right call back to nkretny key without giving a reason.

    As mentioned previously, the use of a free license does not apply to projects the mirror, for example, on the Clang , the Chromium ,KDE and so on. The support of developers of such projects will require considerable work from our team and it will be fair if the companies where these developers are employed acquire a paid license :).

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