RUVDS introduced the Light and Dark Admin. Which side are you on?

    Last Friday, December 16, the RUVDS team gathered friends and partners of the project in a rather unexpected place - in the craft beer production workshop. The reason for this was several events at once. Firstly, RUVDS presented its own design line under the Dark Admin and Bright Admin brands. The entire team of designers and marketers RUVDS worked on the design. What came of it and what was the second reason for the story under the cut.

    “2016 was the first and most important year for our project, so I would like to especially note this event” - Nikita Tsaplin, RUVDS Managing Partner, “We chose beer, slightly departing from the drinks traditionally accepted at this time of year. As with everything that we do, we tried to approach the most creative way, so the brands appeared - the Light and Dark admin lines. ” RUVDS plans to launch T-shirts and sweatshirts under these brands for employees and friends of the project, as well as traditional circles will not take long.

    Returning directly to the drinks, the company ordered 3 tastes as a gift to customers and partners - the classic porter Dark Admin, IPA with notes of mango Light Admin and light unfiltered with coriander Green Admin. Numerous questions of the guests, whether the company is going to follow the Tinkov path - the managing partner Nikita Tsaplin countered by the fact that this project is exclusively non-profit and exclusively in the interests of clients and friends of the project.

    The second and perhaps most secret reason was the closed presentation of the upcoming opening of the second RUVDS data center, this time the hermetic zone, in the Swiss Alps. Little details are yet available, it is only known that this time the TIER IV, again in the bunker and the prices will be Russian. The launch of the new containment zone is scheduled for late 2016 - early 2017.

    RUVDS team congratulates Habr users on the upcoming holidays.

    Help: RUVDS service turned one year old in November 2016. During this year, more than 15,000 people chose the company; more than 25,000 virtual servers were created. Own data center in Moscow was put into operation. RUVDS also became a technological partner of the international IT giant, Huawei, and the largest companies, leaders in their industries, became customers of the service.

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