Nanoleaf Canvas: soon on all walls

    The touch panels of the Nanoleaf Canvas intelligent lighting system were the most impressive product at CES 2018. In September, shining squares were shown at the European IFA exhibition. Now developers are ready to open Canvas sales.

    This is the Nanoleaf Aurora in the Madrobots office.

    You must have seen the Aurora , the first smart lighting system of the startup Nanoleaf. These are triangular LED panels that need to be connected to each other, like a puzzle or a designer. After that, you glue them to the wall with a mounting tape, connect to a smartphone and enjoy color music. Futuristic decor came to taste geeks, fans of science fiction, DJs and popular vloger on Youtube. They are used as decorations Pewdiepie. Details about the backlight of the Nanoleaf Aurora, we described earlier .

    Nanoleaf Canvas - the next step of evolution, updated and improved, everything is as it should be. The shape became square to simplify the process of assembling and installing the panels on the wall. And it had to be simplified because up to 1000 panels are connected to one Canvas controller at once. Aurora has a limit of 30 pieces.

    Nanoleaf Canvas, assembly

    That is, it is easy to build a whole wall of light from a Canvas. It will shimmer like the northern lights (and 16.7 million colors are available). Brightness, animation and backlight tones are configured either through the app, or through Siri voice assistants, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Since the panels are touch-sensitive, a “wave” starts up with one touch. “Swipes” change the color settings (“scenes”) by hand on the panels.

    Nanoleaf canvas

    By the way, the Canvas lights are compatible with the IFTTT mashup service. You can, for example, force the panels to change color to ominously red if someone has marked you on a photo on Facebook. Or create a general party lighting theme for Canvas with Philips Hue light bulbs.

    Nanoleaf Canvas

    The first Canvas prototype, which was shown almost a year ago in Las Vegas , sometimes failed. By the September exhibition IFA it was finalized, so that the demonstration was better, but not without rough edges. Next January, the Madrobots team will go to CES 2019. We will bring samples of the final highlight , and then we will tell about them in more detail.

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