Why I no longer click the "Add contact" button in Telegram

    Telegram has a weird feature that borders on my sense of beauty and security. In my opinion, this is not even a hole, but a straight through hole.

    So, I will try to briefly and most informatively express my thoughts. This note is a small guide on how to get the phone number to which your interlocutor’s account is linked.

    Note to the hostess:

    1. In the chat (not group) on mobile there is a button “Share my contact” after clicking on which, a compact message is sent to your interlocutor containing a phone number that is associated with your Telegram account and a button with the signature “ADD CONTACT”;

      If it’s in the pictures, it’s somehow like this (sorry for my crooked hands, but I tried to control the pint as I could in order to refine the screenshots):

      Fig. 1 - “Share my contact” button in person

      Fig. 2 - What can be observed on the other side of the wire

    2. The interlocutor presses the button in the message with your contact signed by the capsule “ADD CONTACT” and he, opening your profile, will see your phone number. And, it would seem, on this the effect of the action of this wonderful button was supposed to end ...

    3. But this is a twist! You, meanwhile, are convinced that your interlocutor’s profile also displays a phone number, access to which no one gave you!

    Anticipating what they’ll write to me in the comments that I’m a fool, but what’s described is not a bug, but a cool and fashionable convenient feature: the phone number is not information for disclosure, even if you need someone’s phone number, not the fact that you want to share your contact, and even more so the number to which the account is attached.

    Although perhaps my problems are individual and related primarily to the fact that my paranoia believes that the phone number to which the account is attached is a very personal thing and there is no need for anyone to know it. But you never know, suddenly my account goes into bad hands, and instead of the history of correspondence and my favorite geeky little channel, some kulhacker will leave a broken trough.

    PS:All the beaver rays! And be careful when someone shares their contact with you. And yes, this post is not intended to form someone’s negative opinion about Telegram - it’s cool and I really like it, but the behavior of some functionality is not very obvious.

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