December webinars Kotlin 1.3

    December 5 and 12 JetBrains organizes two webinars on the latest release of Kotlin 1.3 . On the webinars, Roman Elizarov and Nikolai Igotti will talk about how to start using Korutiny, Kotlin / Native and Multiplatform Projects. Andrei Breslav will answer viewers questions about Kotlin 1.3 and future plans. Ask your questions to Andrew on Twitter with the hashtag # kotlinask_13 now or on YouTube chat during the webinar.

    Both events are free to participate and will be broadcast on YouTube channel JetBrains TV . Webinars and Q & A sessions will be held in English. Register to get a link to the webinar broadcast.


    Kotlin Coroutines and Kotlin 1.3 Q & A (EN)

    December 5, 6 pm - 7:30

    pm Moscow time

    18: 00–18: 10 Andrei Breslav will make a short review of updates in Kotlin 1.3. 18.10 - 18.55 Kotlin Coroutines, a presentation by Roman Elizarov.

    Kotlin Coroutines (coroutines) is one of the fundamental features of the language that simplifies the development and support of asynchronous programs. The novel will provide an overview of the differences and similarities in corutines and other well-known concepts of asynchronous programming: callback, futures / promises, and async / await. Also in the webinar, we consider the design features of Kotlin Coroutines.

    18.55 - 19.30 Kotlin 1.3 Q & A with Andrey Breslav. You can ask questions via twitter (use the hashtag # kotlinask_13) or chat during the broadcast on YouTube

    Kotlin Native and Multiplatform Projects

    December 12, 18.00 - 19.30 Moscow time

    18.00 - 18.30 Kotlin / Native, presentation of Nikolai Igotti

    On which platforms, besides the JVM, can Kotlin be used? Can you work with Apple or Linux ecosystems using the Kotlin and JetBrains tools you are used to? Are there any restrictions?

    We will discuss Kotlin / Native, its features and capabilities, the technologies that underlie it and with which it is compatible, as well as the nearest and long-term plans for the development of Kotlin / Native.

    18.30 - 18.40 break

    18.40 - 19.30 Kotlin Multiplatform Projects, Nikolai Igotti

    Is it true that full-featured mobile applications should be developed from scratch twice - for iOS and for Android? Is it true that cross-platform layers (like React Native and Flutter) destroy the possibilities and elegance of native programming? Does JetBrains have tools suitable for multiplatform development? How to start using Kotlin wherever you need? We will answer these and other questions, discuss the philosophy behind multi-platform (MPP) at Kotlin. You will also find an overview of supported platforms and ecosystems, available tools and multiplatform libraries.

    Registration for webinars is required

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