Germany has developed requirements for home routers

    A long time on the Internet regularly appear articles about the vulnerability of routers for the SOHO segment. I also published an article on how to find out that your Mikrotik was hacked . The sharp increase in the participants of our channel in Telegram (@router_os) showed that the problem is extremely acute.

    But the problem is more global.

    The overwhelming majority of users who buy a router for home do not understand how this “black box” works. They poke the buttons in accordance with the instructions «quick start». And someone purely by the method of "scientific spear" adjusts. Internet appears.
    Then the device begins to live its own life. And attackers can easily use a router for their own purposes. There are plenty of ready-made tools for finding such glands on the Internet.

    The ice has broken, gentlemen of the jury! (C) "Great Combinator"

    In Germany, a document was issued with recommendations and minimum standards that a router should meet for end users.

    The document contains 22 pages. Recommendations that should be applied to new routers include default setting requirements including:

    1. Hard firewall settings
    2. Prevent remote control
    3. The password for WI-FI is only for WPA2 and should not allow it to "count"
    4. Automatic firmware update.

    It is logical that the standard of all problems will not solve, but every day it will be more and more difficult to search for a “free proxy”!

    I wonder how soon in the shops of the Russian Federation will appear routers that meet these requirements? ..

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