Mastering Android NDK

    At the end of last year, our second book was published about native development for Android using Android NDK and C ++ (the first was already described on Habré ). This is the continuation of the first book that amends for support for C ++ 11 in Android NDK, discusses many other C ++ libraries and the last four chapters are fully devoted to the development of OpenGL 3 / OpenGL ES 3 renderer from scratch and creating a game on it. Our approach allows you to take out most of the application code in C ++ and conduct development on a desktop computer, which greatly simplifies the debugging of non-trivial algorithms and porting to other mobile platforms.


    No third-party ready-made engines are used - only C ++ and open-source libraries, only hardcore: .apk unpack via libcompress, output sound through OpenAL, go to the network through libcurl. This is an approach that we have successfully used in various projects that we had to work on in various ways: SPB Shell 3D, Yandex.Shell, Layar , Blippar , Linderdaum Puzzle HD , Linderdaum Jigsaw Puzzle .

    The book is aimed at intermediate developers who already know how to write simple C ++ applications for Android, but would like to learn how to generalize and format C ++ code so that it can be easily used on any mobile platform, be it iOS or Windows Phone. In general, this book should not be the very first Android NDK book, with which you should begin to get acquainted with it :)

    The book contains the source codes of all projects in chapters. The latest version is available on GitHub:

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