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    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 79 - Oleg Polyakov about the founding of CodeDojo and how it became the main place of work
    podcastWeb Standards podcast, Issue No. 147: Chrome Dev Summit, Personal Data API, HTTP / 3 on UDP , web components
    podcastFive-Minute React podcast # 49 - bem-react-core
    podcastDevshacht - Podcast: 57: How Wrike uses the Dart language
    podcastFrontend Youth (18+) podcast # 73 Three Eddy Osmani crusts
    podcast“CSSSR” podcast: News 512 - Issue No. 29 (12.11 - 18.11)
    videoVadim Makeyev's video blog 9. Menu menu, grids or Bootstrap, expediency of convenience
    videoKharkivJS # 9 2018 , 32 videos
    videoFrontTalks 2018 , 16 videos
    videoenChrome Dev Summit 2018 - All Sessions

    Web development

    habrGoodbye, Electron. Hello, desktop PWA
    HTTP over QUIC will be standardized as HTTP / 3
    Getting started with WebAssembly using only 14 lines in JavaScript by Google - a new resource with detailed structured information about modern web development techniques
    enThe power of web components
    en5 reasons why static sites rule
    enHighlights from the Chrome Dev Summit 2018
    enVirtual DOM is slow. Meet the memorized DOM


    Flexbox usage examples
    en“C” in CSS: The Cascade
    enHow to get rid of unused CSS to facilitate CSS files
    enDifference between currentColor and Custom Properties
    enBraces to Pixels . Detailed article on alistapart on how CSS code turns into pixels on the screen
    enSmooth text scaling in JavaScript & CSS
    enHardcore CSS calc ()
    envideoA short video on how the team uses CSS Grid in production


    Google will fund improvements in JavaScript frameworks
    Play Mortal Kombat with TensorFlow.js: transfer training and add data
    TypeScript Definitive Guide - free online Typescript book
    enError handling in JavaScript: complete guide
    enPromise chains are dead. Long live async / await
    enCreating your own interactive JavaScript sandbox
    enWhy does Facebook api start with a for loop
    ? enAfter two years of using TypeScript - was it worth it?


    Firefox will start notifying about visiting hacked sites, as well as price changes
    Wayland support has been added to Firefox night builds
    Mozilla is testing two new features in Firefox: Price Wise and Email Tabs
    Chrome is developing an API to create full custom applications


    Seven new attacks on the mechanism of speculative execution in the CPU
    Split among dissenters: what happened from the fourth on the capitalization of Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency
    A look from the inside: about Facebook's product culture
    Google will open for all .dev top-level domains
    Microsoft grows cucumbers better than Tencent and Intel. Founded by Bill Gates, the company seems to have finally found its calling
    enOctoverse Statistics: Top Programming Languages ​​in 2018

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