Google is going to absorb Metavine and Shopify as part of attracting medium-sized entrepreneurs


    Over the past years, Google’s tendency to develop its own cloud services, as well as applications for various platforms, can be noticed. As part of this , new projects appeared on the takeover list : Metavine startup, which develops applications for corporate clients with investments of $ 5.5 million, Shopify, a Canadian company in the field of e-Commerce with a market capitalization of $ 2.25, CallidusCloud, Xactly , and Namely, which specializes in developing health solutions and raised $ 108 million in three rounds with the latest investor, Sequoia Capital.

    The takeover of these companies could potentially enter the development strategy of the medium-sized business line, which now involves hundreds of thousands of employees. At the moment, this direction is a priority for Google CEO Sundar Pichai - for his development, he even hired VMware co-founder Diana Green to the position of senior vice president of cloud business, which transferred to the company last December. Almost immediately after that, Google merged its enterprise application and cloud development divisions under the direction of Diana Green, and recently, the entire Google Apps portfolio was transferred to her responsibility.

    In this segment, Google has faced intense competition from Amazon and Microsoft. One of the problems was the direction of Google Apps - it is great for small and large businesses. But practically does not attract the attention of medium-sized businesses.

    The takeover of companies aimed at medium-sized customers is a great example - Namely now sells applications for working with employees, Shopify solutions are popular among entrepreneurs in the e-Commerce segment, and Xactly allows you to monitor the company's sales performance based on its own web service.

    Together with the takeover of these companies, Google will be able not only to use them to attract new customers, but also to transfer all the data to its own cloud platform Google Cloud. There is again competition between Amazon Web Services and Azure from Microsoft. The first system is more often in demand by large corporations, but over time they refuse to use it, so the company is similarly focused on attracting medium-sized businesses. Therefore, Google is just trying to develop this segment and has already managed to get such customers as Sony, Macy's, Spotify and Apple. At the moment, Google has not confirmed the possibility of a potential deal, and startup spokesmen similarly refused to comment on this information.

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