How to write a presentation for embedding in a letter

    Hello! I continue the cycle (in the blog of the wonderful person Mikhail, owner of the Text Broker) about letters, and what can be done with them.

    Most likely, the presentation does not need anyone else but you . Behind the presentation are employees who do not know how to write what is needed in words. In most cases, this is just a crutch, if only there is nothing extra to blurt out.

    There are two important exceptions. The first is when you are talking with big business. There, the presentation will be carefully printed and laid on the table to the leader. The leader and recipient of your letter are different faces, so you need an essence that will reach him. The second exception is when you need to put together a lot of pictures, graphs and other pieces, that is, in fact, attach either a catalog of goods, or a project diagram.

    The main rule of presentation very simple: if the first and second frame is about you, and not about the recipient - she immediately flies into the basket without question.

    Smoker Presentation

    As a rule, this is a full-fledged (5-20 Megabytes) richly designed PPTX, which lies with the attachment to the letter and is not represented in any way in this letter. Like, we have a good offer for you, in the attachment a presentation, see for yourself, freaks.

    The result is consistent.

    The structure of the smoker's presentation is approximately the same (frames 20, each paragraph - 2-3 episodes):
    1. We are such and such a company.
    2. We know how to do this.
    3. And here it is.
    4. We have cool customers.
    5. Here is the full list of services.
    6. Picture from the clipart.
    7. And here is an offer for you.

    All this is carefully provided with small inscriptions, in total in the presentation at least 300 words, or even the whole thousand.

    As you probably guess, only the ears reach the battery, because the only frame the recipient needed was so tightly snipped that it won’t be open.

    The second point is the attitude towards people who are not able to structure thoughts, in business is appropriate. Therefore, even if the offer is profitable and necessary, it’s somehow dumb to contact such characters.

    Presentation of a healthy person

    On the other hand, normal working investments (which are needed in practice) look completely different. This is a PDF that opens perfectly on any machine and phone. It is set against a light background, since it implies further printing - the life of the medium must be taken into account. There from 1-2 pages (if it is A4 PDF) to 5-6 frames (if it is made under the screen). The volume is a maximum of 2 megabytes, more often - 500-700 Kb.

    Sample structure:
    1. Hi, do you have a situation like this
    2. We will do this for you. Photo or diagram.
    3. You get this: numbers.
    4. My name is Ivan, here is my phone.

    Again, the structure corresponds to the optimal structure of the product offer - the simplified steps are the same. Problem statement, solution, details, contact.

    There are very few words in such a presentation, usually around 50. As a rule, these are headings and captions for pictures. There is nothing superfluous. The task of the presentation at this stage is to give an impression, not justify in detail. It is still necessary to substantiate in detail at the meeting.

    Check list

    • The first frame accurately describes the client’s task, there is his name and logo.
    • Everything about your company overboard, by reference or at the very very end, is small, but the focus is the recipient's task.
    • No common words. Not “we have a profitable offer”, and “we use the latest technologies for geolocation”, but “we make geopushi” and “a contact costs 10 rubles under such and such conditions”.
    • Photos, diagrams and other drawings are strictly in the case. If you can’t justify it ironically, why the image in the presentation is overboard.
    • Extra words - in the letter, but not in the presentation.
    • All this should be read for a minute, a maximum of two (with the exception of diagrams and directories). Check with friends.
    • There is an accompanying letter that describes what it is, who it is and why to open the presentation.
    • Contacts are not broken (taking this opportunity, I send greetings to the advertising department, which regularly sends special offers without the ability to contact).
    • Does not kill the printer with a dark background.
    • Not more than 2 megabytes.

    Well, do not forget that if you can do without a presentation, it is better to do everything for this.

    Yes, and one more thing. Presentations came to us from the decaying West, where they enter the culture of the story about different things. We have exactly what they are telling, and there they show. There you need slides. Therefore, the approach described above must be redone when communicating with Europe and the United States.

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