What can a subscription business be like?

    Today we look at one of the thematic cases of Subscription School, in which the founder of the company shared his experience working on the type of business model, the main feature of which is to subscribe to receive regular products or services. / Photo by Howard Lake / CC The Prospurly project currently generates over $ 8,000 in revenue per month with an average monthly subscription of $ 50. At the start of the project, the founder decided to analyze the capabilities of another platform called Craftjoy. It immediately included a number of useful tools for working with the business by subscription. It was decided to use these opportunities to develop a new idea.

    The founder decided to sell exclusively natural and fairly rare products that could only be found in small private stores. He decided to use epicureism as the main idea for promoting the concept of his store - the project was to offer customers all the necessary “ingredients for a happy life”.

    The entrepreneur decided to start work with the creation of a marketing newsletter, which was supposed to help him verify the concept and collect contacts of the audience that showed interest. To do this, he chose the Launchrock service, with which you can quickly create a microsite and attach a form for subscribing to an email newsletter.

    The project founder should select the most popular social networks as channels for attracting an audience. Here he used standard tactics to work with subscribers and experimented with the design of publications.

    As more and more subscribers appeared on project profiles on social networks, it was decided to launch a thematic corporate blog and interview opinion leaders in the area to which the project belongs. This approach helped to attract several thousand people, 22% of whom signed up for the newsletter.

    / Photo by Gaurav Mishra / SS

    In the course of work on the project, the founder identified a number of basic insights:

    • You need to find the right CRM for processing customer information as quickly as possible. For a subscription-based business, this is critical
    • In addition to this, you will need billing and accounting software, or a separate specialist
    • A standard template with basic offers for sellers of goods that you will distribute by subscription will help you.

    Another important point is packaging:

    • It should reflect your brand, and not just be the one that the supplier has prepared.
    • Here it is worth thinking about delivery and various ways of its implementation.
    • You can design a box yourself according to drawings from the Internet

    And a couple of tips for working with subscribers:

    • you need to deal with the project constantly - work every day, prepare mailings for the following periods, communicate with suppliers and so on
    • special promotions with big discounts are well suited for active promotion for those who share photos or store publications with their friends in social networks. networks

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