Hipster podcasts # 2

    According to a survey conducted after writing the first article of the “Podcasts for hipsters” column, the toxic wayward public Habra accepted it quite positively and wanted to continue (at the time of writing this article, the previous rating is +3, which undoubtedly can be considered a great success).

    In the second edition of this most popular column, I decided to tell you about the podcast about web development “uWebDesign (Severe Web)” .

    At the time of this writing, 192 issues are available. The podcast is weekly, goes to YouTube (in the form of a screencast with commentaries from the presenters) and on all major podcast platforms ( iTunes / Spotify / PlayerFM ).

    The podcast is led by two guys from Chelyabinsk:

    • Alexander Goncharov ( @websanya )

      According to the description of his twitter - a web-scientist and artist who consults and makes WordPress sites, as well as struggling with entropy and practicing order.
    • Nikita Tarasov ( @voodooue )

      Podcast's headliner: if it weren't for his burr, then the number of listeners of the “Stern Web” would be less than 50 percent. in the podcast less ridiculous.

    I've been listening to these guys for about a year. In their releases, they usually discuss articles on UI / UX, JavaScript, PHP and other topics and express their opinions on this. By the way, anyone can suggest a podcast theme (this can be done on their website ). A sense of humor is a very subjective thing, but for these guys it is definitely present.

    I would like to wish the guys further development of their project (and adding a webcam when recording releases: it’s very interesting to watch screencasts, but if you can see the commentators themselves leading somewhere in the corner, then I’m sure it will not look less than this) .

    PS: Please indicate in the comments which domestic podcasts you would like to see in this section.

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