30+ examples of catchy cover letters

    Enough of unconvincing constructions like “it would be great joy to become part of the company”, “it will be an honor for me”, “I really enjoy it” - running through these phrases HR simply wipes away a tear and grabs onto the dictionary of synonyms. Variety, emotions, stories (storytellers, hello!) And jokes - write interestingly. And you will have a cool job.

    For an explanation of why these letters caught the employer, read below. :)

    // Start your letter enthusiastically

    Sometimes the employer wants not just to see a list of skills that match the stated position, but true love and passion for his job and an incredible desire to work in a company. Agree, this is a much more catchy factor from a human point of view.

    1 / If in fact the love of trading statistics is wrong, then I do not want to be right. It seems that most of the team at Chartbeat is of exactly the same opinion, so in my opinion this is a good reason why my candidacy could be perfect for your sales team.

    2 / Since 10 years, I have been consulting my family and friends for free on issues of style and appearance, but for some time now I came to the conclusion that it would be nice to get paid for this. That's why I was happy to find a personal stylist job in N ...

    3 / For about three years I tried myself in different roles, taking part in creating startups in N., browsing an infinite number of articles and recommendations on the topic “how to find your calling,” and finally realized that it was time to admit to myself and tell my parents that I actually have a job. I am inclined to think that in reality it is best for me to write high-quality content and sell it.

    4 / When I was a child, my cherished dream was to become one of those street actors who depict living statues on the street. Fortunately, over time, the scope of my ambitions expanded, but I still love to entertain people and speak to the crowd - and these qualities make me a truly indispensable manager.

    5 / After graduating from N. University last May, I received, it seems to me, bad advice from my business consultant: “Agree to any work, you will deal with the nuances later.” And although I am convinced that I could gain valuable skills and professional experience anywhere, still I would like to be sure that thanks to my first job I will get the opportunity to further improve in my field as a specialist and move up the career ladder, as well as I will gain experienced mentors.

    6 / The other day I passed a test according to which it would be ideal for me to work in the field of maritime trade. I’m not sure that I generally understand what is meant by this, but this alignment made me think: it’s just a dream - to get a position thanks to which I could combine my professional business skills with my passion for the ocean! This is how I found your vacancy in N ...

    // Start by expressing interest in the company

    If you already love this brand, and even want to work there, this is an ideal option for the company, because you are familiar with its product and are ready to sell it yourself!

    But with flattery, it’s better not to go too far.

    7 / Many candidates try to get into startup projects, because there you can count on free food, bean bags and the lack of a dress code. And although for me, as an employee accustomed to standard office conditions, this looks attractive, nevertheless, I was most attracted by the opportunity to work in a close-knit international team.

    8 / My golden retriever Rudy was the first to find this job as an operations assistant in your company (in general, he actually dreams of seeing me off to work every day). But as I learned more and more about N., about your policy and how revolutionary you are striving to change the standard SMS chat, I, in turn, could no longer dream of becoming a part of your team.

    9 / When I was seven, I wanted to become a GEICO gecko when I grew up. In the end, I came to the conclusion that this is not an option, but you can imagine my excitement when, upon discovering the vacancy of a corporate events manager on the site, I saw a logo of my favorite company nearby!

    10 / When I first visited the Jane Austen Film Festival a month ago, I realized that I did not want to leave. And I decided that I wouldn’t leave - so I immediately started looking at the vacancies of your company ...

    11 / If I were able to simplify the process of finding an apartment for rent in N. for at least one person, I might consider that the nightmare I encountered Itself during my recent attempts to find housing, in fact, was not in vain. And where else could I do this, if not in N., serving customers daily? Frankly, I do not see anything that suits me so perfectly, in principle.

    12 / I literally grew up a couple together with the N. Zoo, which was located in the backyard, and therefore I know firsthand how you managed to become one of the most popular places for family vacations in N ... For 20 years I have been delighted I watched your success as a visitor, and now I want to please the guests in the same way as you once pleased me when I was a child.

    13 / It was only an hour before my first big dinner party when I suddenly realized that I had forgotten to buy white wine. In a panic, I searched for product delivery sites through Google, and it was then that I first stumbled upon N ... Since then, I have been your regular customer and can’t get rid of the thought that I could help you attract even more customers - those who are not capable of planning, like me through social networks and communities.

    14 / Although I enjoy working as a marketing manager in N., however, having stumbled upon the vacancy of a PR director in N., I stopped and thought. I carefully watched N. for many years, I was always impressed with how the company relates to its customers, employees and the business community as a whole.

    // Start by describing personal qualities and accomplishments

    This is also very important, we would even call it one of the most honest ways to attract the attention of a recruiter - the truth, abilities, achievements.

    15 / My last boss once told me that with my manner of speaking on the phone, I could well have reported even the hostage-taking situation. I always knew how to make contact with different people - both light and heavy ones - and I think that this skill could serve me well if I took on the duties of office manager in N ...

    16 / Among my colleagues I am known for my ability to assemble parts into a single whole, no matter how many there are. That's why I, it seems to me, can easily cope with the responsibilities of the manager of the customer service department in N.

    17 / In December last year, I took the place of my competitor - one seller in our company - and I still occupy it. But this is a completed stage, so now I'm ready for the next breakthrough, which means it's time to try myself for the role of sales manager in N.

    18 / After spending three years as an internal communications manager in a company with 2000 employees, I learned how to plan a quarterly report and memos almost in a dream. So what do I want to do next? Well, let's say I can bring my experience to the planning of communication strategies in consulting companies.

    19 / And although you will not find in my resume indications that I once worked as a manager of online communities, for the past three years I have been doing the job of creating platforms for people to communicate based on my blog and N.

    20 / If you are looking for someone who can readily obey orders and does not “rock the boat”, then I’m probably not the right candidate. But if you need someone who can dig deep into the data, analyze what exactly works (and what doesn't), and challenge the status quo, then I think we will find a common language.

    21 / From the very first day of my work in N. (oh yes, they actually give out free ice cream!) I was set on a career path. I took my first internship in a professional football team while still in college. When I finished it, I got a job full time, and after six months I was appointed to a position in another department. I thought that I would not discover anything new for myself. However, as I grew professionally, I finally realized ... that this is not at all the case. Shock, right?

    22 / Probably, it will be interesting for you to find out what the accounting veteran in the culinary startup project N forgot ... Although I agree, this is very strange, but I know that you are looking for an intelligent guy who is equally knowledgeable in gourmet dishes and financial transactions, so I'm definitely the one you need.

    23 / Over the past 10 years I have been building my career on one simple principle: work smarter. I track ineffective work schemes, adjust them and thereby increase the productivity of everyone who is near me. As a result, I received three promotions in my company and now I am sure that I will cope with the duties of analyst N ...

    // Start creatively and with humor

    Who doesn't like to receive nice and funny letters? Already better than the same tediousness. Just check your sense of humor a little - sometimes it’s really rather sad.

    24 / I became interested in a freelance writer job. But before I list all the reasons why my choice fell on her, I would like to tell you a little about myself: until five years old, I did not grow my hair, so everyone who saw me lying in a stroller was sure that I was a boy (and my name is N., I think this will lead you to think accordingly). I hope I deserve your attention (from N.)

    25 / Have you ever come across the fact that your mother calls you five times a day about how your job search is progressing, and in the end only grunts suspiciously when you say that no progress is being made. That is how I live now.

    26 / But I hope that in the near future I will be provided with a full-time manager of social networks. By the way, the good news: I can be more useful to you than a mother who requires you to report on her actions. Let me tell you more.

    27 / Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to try myself as a marketing manager in N.! I gladly agree! Ok, well, I know that so far you have not provided me with such an opportunity. Well then, here are a few ideas that I could suggest if that were the case.

    28 / You are completely outraged. You have listed all the pros and cons. You talked to your coach, hairdresser, and every barista you know. Well, in the end, why don't you make a decision? After all, when you ask someone’s advice, quality is not the most important thing for you. If you constantly have to face the need to make serious decisions, you need either a lawyer, or a listener, or a good kick in the ass. In other words, you need to consult with N / the person who wrote this letter /.
    At first, I thought that submitting a credit card statement would be a clear indication of how much I love online shopping, but then I came to the conclusion that it would be better to write this letter and list all the reasons why I could raise N.'s case to next level.

    30 / I never thought that life could change so dramatically if you accidentally drop your iPhone from the window of the second floor (by the way, this is a funny story, ask me about it). But thanks to this, I discovered N. - and found my dream job as a junior employee.

    31 / If we were playing Two Truths, One Lie, I would say: I exceeded the quotas of my sales by at least 20% every quarter of this year, once I won the competition for high-speed eating pies, and I have a wonderful job in N. The last, of course, is a lie. For now.

    How to achieve this effect? Here are 5 cool life hacks.

    1. The human factor
    Write as if to a friend. That is, to a friend whom you want to tell about what a really cool candidate you are. Maybe he does not know about this story. And does not know why you want to get into the company. It’s not necessary to imagine Vasya, with whom you sat at the same desk and then matured together - let it be just a man on the other side of the screen who does not want to read the same letters (like you), tired of work (like you) wants to be a little happier and more successful (like you).

    2. Knowledge of the company, position.
    We have probably already talked about this a hundred times, but still. If you want to immediately declare yourself as a professional and a person who is not superficial in finding a job and a specific position in the company, then a certain study is absolutely necessary.

    3. Details
    Because they decide and make your “image” a little more finished and human. Your story about your mom / strange boss / interesting situation in which you met with the company (this is generally cool, if the topic!) Will be credited to you. But do not write a huge letter or talk about your life experiences - do not repel a person. Everyone has their own problems.

    4. Simplicity
    Note that in none of the letters there were abstruse words or long sentences with a bunch of turns - they are completely unreadable. Especially if HR has already opened 58 letters - he looks at its structure, on the first lines, opens a resume. And already here his first impression was born. If you were able to form it with the subject of the letter, a greeting and the first sentences - you have already been paid attention to.

    5. Aesthetics
    Believe me, no less important. It just needs to make everything look neat (stupid word, but!). If the letter itself has a different font size, color, strange mail, signature, resume attached under the name% # $% @ ^ & !, then it somehow becomes clear that not so much a person seems to need all this.

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