40 situations that you will be asked at the interview

    Of course, it is impossible to collect all the questions that may be asked of you. But we tried. These are mainly questions regarding specific situations in your life. At least you have time to remember these and talk about them.

    Changing work again? Maybe forgotten how to enjoy it?

    // Teamwork

    Team spirit is much more important than you think. If people understand each other, if they are ready to compromise, then everything will be much simpler - it’s like a mechanism where everyone knows their job and never substitutes the one who is nearby, otherwise the common cause will be useless.

    Tell us about the situation when you had to work with a person with whom you were very different.
    Give an example of a conflict situation in a team. How did you deal with her?
    Describe the moment when you needed to build a relationship with someone very important and you did not succeed right away. What helped you cope?
    We all make mistakes that we would like to correct. Tell us about the situation with your colleague in which you would like to do otherwise.
    Tell us about the situation in which you needed to get information from a not too responsive person - how did you do it?

    // Customer focus

    If you work in the service sector or do services, then, of course, you are familiar with the situation when you have to cope with a difficult client, when suddenly everything collapses and everyone is dissatisfied, or vice versa - suddenly you managed to save the situation.

    Describe a situation where it was fundamentally important to make a great impression on the client - what did you do?
    Give an example of a situation where you have not met the expectations of your client. What happened, how did you restore your reputation?
    Tell us about the moment when you made sure that the client is very satisfied with the service.
    Describe the situation when you had to deal with a complex client. What was this situation and how did you deal with it?
    When you work with a large number of clients at the same time, it is difficult to provide excellent quality services to each of them. How would you prioritize?

    // The ability to adapt

    In fact, this is one of the most necessary qualities. If you know how to find an approach to people, if you feel the needs of customers, if you can create a comfortable atmosphere for yourself - this is already half the success. The ability to adapt and in nature is considered one of the most important for survival.

    Tell us about the situation when you were under strong pressure from the outside. What's happened? How did you deal with this (or not)?
    Describe the time when your company or team experienced some changes - how did it affect you and how did you manage to adapt?
    Tell us about your first job.
    Give an example of a situation where you had to get out of a difficult and unpleasant situation.
    Tell us about your failure. How did you handle this?

    // Time management (without a time machine)

    Are you late? Do not have time to do anything? Be prepared to be asked questions about how you feel about time. And do you understand what “deadline” is.

    Tell us about the situation in which you had to quickly build a strategy so as not to miss anything and keep all the priorities.
    Describe the project you have been working on for a long time. How did you manage to plan everything so that the process does not stop?
    It is simply impossible sometimes to carry out all the items from the list of required tasks. Responsibility falls on you in a huge lump - you become depressed, do not cope with anything. What would you do at such a moment?
    Tell us about the goal that you once set for yourself. How did you move towards her?
    Give an example of a situation where you simultaneously performed several duties. How did you handle this?

    // Communication

    It is unlikely that this is somehow connected with the "sociability" in your resume - this is the ability to convey your thoughts clearly and communicate with people. And stick to the right course in your relationship.

    Give an example of a situation in which you were able to convince a person to look at things the way you see them.
    Describe the situation when you were supposed to act as an expert - did you manage to make everyone understand you?
    Tell us about the situation when you had to rely on letters to convey your idea or thought to a team, team, colleagues.
    Give an example of a situation where you had to explain something very specific to a client who did not understand anything in the subject.
    Tell us about the successful presentation you made.

    // Motivation

    She will also be very necessary for you. Especially at some points. Hands fall from all.

    Tell us about your most remarkable career achievement.
    Describe the situation when you saw a problem and took the initiative to solve it without waiting for someone else to do it.
    Tell us about the moment when you were working under very strict supervision. How did you handle this?
    Describe the situation when you were able to show all your creative nature at work. What have you done? Was it difficult?
    Tell us about the time when you were disappointed in your work. What can be done to deal with this situation?

    // Understanding the work of the company

    This moment reflects the degree of your preparation for the interview.

    What company values ​​are close to you? How do they relate to your behavior in life, at work? Give an example.
    Why our company?
    What makes our company stand out among others. / What are the competitors of the company. Have you ever encountered this kind of competition?
    Tell us about the moment when you realized that you want to send a resume to us.
    What do you think, why exactly do you approach this position in our company? How do you imagine yourself working here?

    // Personal questions

    Be prepared for the fact that they will be asked to you. And there is nothing wrong with answering them sincerely.

    What could you call your passion? Give an example of a situation in which you can forget about the passage of time.
    What do you do in your free time? Why this hobby? How can it help you succeed at work? Give an example of a situation where your hobby helped during working hours.
    Describe the situation when you faced a serious moral choice.
    What are the core values ​​for you?
    Have you encountered the problem of life-work balance? How to deal with it in real life? Give an example.

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