Google broke through Facebook’s internal armor: the app is now indexable

    World Social Network No. 1 will allow Google to launch “spiders” in its Facebook mobile application for indexing content.

    Of course, we are talking about public content: open profiles, records, groups, events, etc. Most of the information will be closed to "spiders."
    They will not find the information that is available only after logging in to Facebook.

    The Wall Street Journal , which is the source of this news, commented on this collaboration: “Google is paving the way with a decent challenge for itself - search in mobile applications.” And according to Jeremy Hull, director of media procurement at iProspect, Facebook, as a player in the search market, was a little behind, and with this cooperation, there will be a chance to rehab.

    What does Facebook get from this?

    By clicking on the link from the search engine, users will remain in the application. Thus, the time spent in the application will increase significantly. So far, this will only work on Android.

    What will google get?

    A huge amount of information that will be available exclusively for the Google engine.
    And a huge increase in users who will be shown advertising.
    The Google search engine dominates the global network, but with regard to advertising, here Facebook looks more confident in terms of stability.

    Over the year, Facebook’s share of the global mobile advertising market fell by 0.1% (now 17.4%, eMarketer reports), while Google has lost as much as 4.7% (33.7% by the end of 2015). The mobile advertising market is estimated at 72 million dollars, against 42 million a year ago. BYYD • Mobile Advertising Platform

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