How do web studios and agencies make money in partnership with Internet services?

    How can a web studio or an advertising agency work apart from the creation and promotion of sites? What types of affiliate programs for web studios exist today and according to what scheme do they work? For specific examples, consider some types of partnership offers from Internet services that enable web developers to replenish the arsenal of their services and receive additional (and maybe even main) income.

    Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

    The first thing any developer should think about is to establish close contacts with one of the hosting sites. The range of affiliate programs offered by hosters is quite wide: from bonuses received by you from new customers who came via a referral link to percent from each transfer for hosting.
    In the simplest case, you yourself pay a lot less for hosting services, if you do not host your own website for free. If you regularly bring new clients to the hoster and his income exceeds a certain amount thanks to you, you receive interest from each transaction. There are a lot of options, and you can choose the most suitable.

    As a rule, hosters are selected based on the technical requirements of the site, reputation, technical support capabilities, etc. The most interesting affiliate programs for web studios today are related to the use of virtualization and cloud services. For example, in exchange for the cited clients of the shared hosting, VPS, IaaS platform, and the Virtual Secretary service , Infobox offers not only payments from 10 to 30% of each payment, but also free use of VPS and the cloud platform both for hosting the agency’s website and and for development. In addition, there are separate programs for webmasters and IT integrators.

    Web development, design and CMS

    Another well-known area that allows web studios to not only quickly and easily solve their own problems, but also earn extra money on this. It’s cheap to buy and adapt a ready-made website template to a customer’s needs, create a website based on a convenient template engine, get a partner percentage of a CMS purchased by a client from the developer - all these are well-known to everyone ways to get additional profit.

    Perhaps the richest range of offers of this kind can be found at 1C-Bitrix, one of the most popular commercial Russian content management systems. Sublicensing CMS for customers at a great discount (up to 40%), participating in the site development application service, the ability to sell proprietary modules, templates and entire sites created for 1C-Bitrix are just an incomplete list of sources of additional income offered to developers.

    A more promising area is the development of serious projects based on specific platforms designed for e-commerce and providing for literally everything that a client may require. One such platform is InSales: the service offers two main types of affiliate programs - referral and reseller. The referral program allows you to receive a percentage of the deductions of the clients you brought (25-40%). According to the reseller program, you get a serious discount for using the platform (the basic discount at the time of writing is 25%).

    CRM and project management systems

    It is difficult to imagine modern Internet marketing and e-commerce without the use of customer relationship management systems, newsletters and other online business tools. Will you cope with such a task? If you develop sites on one of the ready-made CMS, then there is a chance that for them there are ready-made modules that you can use. But most often their functionality is very limited, and rarely suits customers. So - you need to integrate more advanced solutions. Why not get extra profit from the developers of these solutions?

    Bitrix24offers two options for partner programs. Affiliate program involves direct sales of Bitrix24 service purchased with affiliate discount. Under the affiliate program, you not only receive a discount of up to 50% depending on the product version, but also the opportunity to provide discounts to your customers up to 15%. Under the conditions of the affiliate program, you receive a percentage of sales made at your recommendation (from 20 to 50% from each sales). Profitable? Of course. And the demand for such services over time will only grow even in the regions.

    Conversion Enhancement Services

    Who needs another non-selling site? The times when the client did not think about profit in advance are long gone: site customers begin to calculate traffic and plan to convert it to hard currency long before placing an order. What can we say about the clients of studios specializing in promotion and lead generation? Can an Internet marketing agency or a developer who continues to administer a client’s site solve this problem? Today, yes.

    UserPoint (a site’s video testing service for real users) offers web studios to become regional partners for joint provision of complex services: website analysis and turnkey conversion increase.
    The conditions are simple: you post information on new services on your website and offer them to your customers. In turn, UserPoint places your company in its directory of regional representatives, sending you requests for comprehensive services in the region. All work, except for making changes to the client’s site, can be done for you by UserPoint employees on behalf of your company. The studio receives not only more than 30% of the profits from the sale of new services, but also a new regular customer to refine the site.

    Content Management Platforms

    SEO since the introduction of "MatrixNet" continues to lose ground, and contextual advertising services are becoming more popular. Website owners lay serious budgets in context. Why don’t you make it easier for them to manage their advertising campaigns while earning your interest?

    eLama- A free Internet service, thanks to which the user can manage advertising campaigns from a single interface. Among the “goodies” are auto-completion of accounts, templates, payment of three contextual advertising systems from one account, plus statistics, and much more. If you are a representative of an agency, you can not only use the service to manage client campaigns, but also receive interest from the service (from 4 to 10% of the client’s advertising campaign budget). And if you simply bring clients, you will also receive interest on the client’s expenses, but according to another scheme (from 5 to 15% within six months).

    Online consultants

    Whether the site sells real estate, travel packages, web hosting or insurance services, the built-in chat will help build trust, timely answer potential customers' questions, ensure their loyalty, and therefore improve sales. Website owners understand this, and the built-in online consulting system today is a common part of the technical task for website development. And for you - another opportunity to make money on an affiliate program.

    JivoSite- One of the online consulting services used by almost half of the websites in Runet, and it also has a program for partners: 30% of each payment of the client you brought, and a bonus is the free use of the service on your own site. Work with the service is completely transparent for partners: you control client payments in your own personal account and have access to personal client accounts for setting up.

    Web Studio for Web Studios

    There are situations when there are too many customers, or their requirements are unbearable for your specialists, or you are simply not happy with the budget. Do not rush to refuse such customers: you can attract other site developers to this order by receiving legitimate interest for the client found.

    Megagroup , for example, according to this scheme, offers from 12 to 30% of the cost of ordering sites and up to 35% when it comes to services. Your task is simply to find a customer and transfer his company contacts. After the conclusion of the contract, you will be transferred the appropriate fee. The process can be simplified by installing a widget with a catalog of designs on your website. In this case, applications will be made automatically.

    Online accounting

    Cloud technologies and mobile devices have already become a reality and are significantly changing the world around. Already today, thanks to SaaS, companies can do without renting offices, buying equipment and professional software packages. Cloud accounting services for small and medium-sized businesses are becoming increasingly popular. Yesterday, online CRM and project management systems seemed fantastic, today they are commonplace. So why not developing a website for a startup to offer the customer to become a client of online accounting?
    The benefits of the client are obvious: he saves on the purchase of accounting software and equipment, relieves himself of the problems associated with the maintenance of the IT department and provides himself with flexibility in work, freedom and security. And you, as a member of the affiliate program, will receive bonuses offered by the SaaS service provider.

    For example, My Business , according to the program for regional representatives, offers a reward for the initial sale of access to the service (50% of the cost of the tariff) and a reward for prolonging access.
    Today the site is already integrated into a single system tools for content management, customer accounting, social services and project management systems. Tomorrow, financial management systems will become part of the system, and you, developers, should think about it now.

    Instead of a conclusion

    What affiliate programs does your web studio or agency participate in? Are you thinking about expanding the range of services? Can you recommend some interesting affiliate programs?

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