How to order a mobile application?


    Sooner or later, every business needs a mobile application. How to order it? In this case, 5 questions will help you, to which you, answering, will easily order a mobile application.

    1. The first banal question, "why do you need a mobile application?".
    Although the question is simple, it can sometimes be difficult to answer. Answers like this: “It's fashionable,” “Now everyone is doing it,” and “We want it like ours,” are not accepted. We need to take this issue a little more seriously. The customer must understand why he is needed, what functions he should perform, whether their business model is integrated with the mobile application, or they need an additional sales channel, or is this an image move in general. After identifying these hallucinations, it will be easier to move on.

    2. The second question, "what is your budget?"
    The reaction is mixed, but we need to find out. It makes up what the prototype will be; what complexity will be the design; how long coding and testing will take; and whether support is needed after the completion of the project ... We need time to analyze the project. And it is clear that the customer is breaking the price of not only one company, there may be several of them, in which the best option is selected.

    So why do you need to find out a budget? The answer is simple: time is money. Thanks to this, we will understand the whole picture.

    3. The third question, specifics, "what goals do you want to achieve using the mobile application?".
    A brain explosion, yes! Here, in part, we ourselves help our customers: we find out what the customer should give to his customers; What metrics should be visible in the report and also study the course of action of consumers; whether consumers achieve their goals; whether sales increase or not. There are many goals, you need to find out what exactly will be useful to the customer.

    4. The fourth question, "how will the design of the application be determined?"
    Here, the customer swings to the fullest. At this point, a brain explosion occurs in performers. They reveal a desire to see dozens of design options, either they saw a beautiful design in an existing application or they already have a ready-made design. Initially, it is advisable to come from the brand of beech, and in this accordance to make a prototype. After starting the initial version, the design can be improved by analyzing A / V testing and accepting feedback from consumers on usability.

    5. The fifth question, "how will the customer see the whole process from the inside?"
    Ideally, the customer immediately wants to see all the statements in one piece of paper. In reality, this is a little different. First, you need to work out business processes. Secondly, to develop an API (Application Programming Interface), simply put, this is ready-made code to simplify the life of the programmer. Thirdly, writing documentation of various forms. Further processes on the specifics of the project. When the customer reaches this stage, he will easily understand what is written here.

    Have a nice and productive day. The ANT team is with you .

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