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    Twenty years ago, Jeff Sutherland, together with Ken Schwaber, created and described Scrum, a methodology that is now one of the most used software development methodologies in the world. It’s a sin to miss a book of this level, and even more so when it comes out translated into Russian, which is a rather rare occurrence.

    Recently, the book “Scrum. A revolutionary method of project management, ”and today I want to recommend it to you.

    First of all, you notice that the book is read very easily. It balances on the border between fiction and business literature. I would like to note that the translation is very high quality (many thanks to the publishing house of MIF), and the only thing that surprises is the translation of the name (in the original it is Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time), but you can easily close your eyes to this.

    Jeff is a fan, and the main idea of ​​the book is that Scrum can improve, and often pull out of the abyss, absolutely any project, and despite some exaggeration - in most cases, Jeff is right.
    The whole book is divided into chapters, which are the main accents of the Scrum framework, and along with its main advantages. The first chapter is highlighted separately, which describes the times when the methodology was just in its infancy. It is read in one breath, it is impossible to break away.

    Throughout the book, the author gives examples from real life that clearly illustrate the issues raised. Whether it is a manager’s conviction to start using Scrum in a company or a way to raise the team’s mood, the author has a story for everything.
    And yes, we see all this every day, observe, participate and complain about poor organization, but Jeff puts everything on the shelves, he asks uncomfortable questions and makes us hear an unpleasant, but honest answer.
    - How many Gantt charts have you encountered for your professional career? I asked.
    “With hundreds,” he said.
    - How many of them were true?
    “Not a single one,” he answered, thinking for a moment.

    In addition to good stories, the book has many practical tips that you can apply, even the next day. It is clear that Sutherland has accumulated quite a few - he has been implementing Scrum all his life, he has seen everything.
    And finally, the last chapter. The personal pride of the creator of a methodology that truly changes the world. Using Scrum to solve problems of poverty, poor education or corruption, there really is a reason for pride.

    I will not retell the book in more detail, it must be read (immediately after the scrum guide).

    To whom?
    Anyone related to Scrum, to development, or to any project management, as well as to all other people. For scrum masters and their leaders, this is just a must-have book.
    For those who are just starting to get acquainted with Scrum at the end of the book there is an application “Implement Scrum. Where to start ”- a detailed description of everything you need to know in order to successfully work according to the methodology.

    “Blame the player, not the game.”
    Book: Scrum. A Revolutionary Project Management Method
    Posted by Jeff Sutherland
    Publisher: Mann, Ivanov and Ferber

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