Microsoft buys fifth company from Israel in a year

    Microsoft has confirmed the purchase of the Israeli company Security Islands, specializing in information security. The company's technologies will be integrated into the Microsoft Azure Rights Management rights management service.

    This deal will be Microsoft’s fifth over the last year acquisition of a company from Israel.


    In the past year, Microsoft has been closely monitoring Israeli startups. November 13, 2014 Microsoft announcedon the acquisition of Aorato, an innovator in corporate information security. This startup was founded in 2011 by veterans of the Israeli armed forces. The company developed and sold software for monitoring access to the central communication components of corporate IT systems. Microsoft acquired a startup to use its developments in the enterprise hybrid cloud, and in July 2015 released the Advanced Threat Analytics product . Details of the transaction were not disclosed, but the amount could be two hundred million dollars.

    In January 2015, Microsoft acquired Equivio startupdealing with software for analysis of legal documents and corporate information. The startup has worked with law firms and government agencies, including the US Department of Justice. Microsoft made the deal to get closer to Big Data analytics market leadership. According to rumors , the purchase cost Microsoft two hundred million dollars.

    In May 2015, it became known about the deal between Microsoft and an Israeli startup that developed the Surface Pen - the "digital pen" for tablets. The Wall Street Journal estimated the deal at thirty million dollars .

    In September 2015, Takeshi Numoto, vice president of marketing for Microsoft cloud products, wrote on his blogthat the company bought an information security developer in the Adallom cloud. This company has been operating since 2012, its services are already used to ensure the safety of user data in Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps,, ServiceNow, Dropbox, ServiceNow and other cloud products. From 2012 to mid-2015, Adalom attracted fifty million dollars of investments from EMC, HP, Sequoia Capitol venture capital funds and European Index Ventures. Microsoft could pay about three hundred and twenty million dollars for this startup.

    The fifth Israeli startup to buy Microsoft in the past twelve months will be the purchase of Secure Islands. According to rumors , the transaction amount is 150 million US dollars, but after confirmationnone of the companies gave an exact number. Companies are awaiting regulatory approval.

    The company has been engaged in information security and has been offering services to organizations for the past nine years, its technologies are already used by a number of large companies, including Vodafone, UBS and Suisse. Microsoft has already worked with this company to improve the Azure Rights Management Service . The new deal will allow companies to work more closely to use Secure Islands technology in this service to protect the confidential information of organizations in an environment where employees distribute data using both company-owned devices and their own gadgets.


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