Activision Blizzard bought the developer company Candy Crush for $ 5.9 billion

    Company Activision Blizzard, known for the publication of Call of Duty and Destiny, and of course the worlds of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo, bought the developer King Digital Entertainment, who created Candy Crush Saga and about 200 other games. The transaction amount was $ 5.9 billion.

    For each share King Digital Activision will pay $ 18, the total amount of the transaction will be $ 5.9 billion, which is 26% higher than the current market capitalization (according to stock quotes the current market value is $ 4.6 billion). At the same time, the cost of the King share on the company's IPO in 2014 was $ 22.5. After the purchase, King will operate as an independent enterprise, retaining all current management.

    The purchase gives Activision Blizzard access to a huge portion of the mobile market. Traditionally, the company focused on console and computer games, and mobile applications accounted for only 5% of revenue, notes The Verge .

    The head of Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotick, said in a statement about the transaction that consolidated revenues and profits will strengthen the company's position in the field of interactive entertainment, and a global network with more than half a billion monthly active users will allow reaching more wide-ranging games than ever before.

    The completion of the transaction, which will have to go through all the necessary formalities in such cases, as well as the approval of shareholders and the Irish government, is expected until spring 2016.

    What a serious breakthrough in the mobile gaming market from the tandem of these legendary companies will show time, but for now you can make jokes about World of Candy—Āraft, Call of Candy and other fun options opening up in the light of the event.

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