Google is trying to keep patents from trolls

    Google has launched an experimental program trying to seize patents of inventors, small companies that can be sold to non-producing patent owners (English non-manufacturing patentee or English non-manufacturing entity), patent dealers (English patent marketer). The program provides the opportunity to sell Google patents at the price set by the patent holder. Some inventors, inspired by this idea, requested $ 3 million for their patents. Within three weeks, the Internet giant received thousands of offers.

    From the selected pool of patents, it was decided to buy 28%, which they consider the most appropriate.
    And, interestingly, after the launch of the program, those wishing to line up. Company representatives believe that
    If many companies do something like the Google trend, there will be a real and genuine market for patents. And this is what industry is desperate for right now.
    The cheapest patent cost Google $ 3,000, and the most expensive $ 250,000.
    I wonder what the corporation will do with the purchased set of patents.

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