How can a freelancer accept payment from foreign customers?

    When deciding whether to accept payment from a foreign customer, a freelancer must at least: select a payment method that will be available to both parties, select a service with an affordable commission and optimal conditions for withdrawing money. In the case of the payment method - the most affordable is the payment by card. Below are a few nuances when accepting card payments from customers from abroad in Ukraine, as well as our payment solution for freelancers.

    According to the legislation of Ukraine, payment is accepted only in hryvnias. Therefore, when transferring funds from a foreign card, you must take into account the rate at which the conversion takes place. Typically, the conversion when writing off funds occurs at the rate of payment systems. The course is dynamic and can change several times a day.

    Not all payment acceptance services work correctly with foreign payments, as a result, a part of payments from abroad can be rejected. Such “refusals” are due to the fact that, according to the anti-fraud policy, the payment partner simply rejects the suspicious payment in order to secure the client as much as possible. For those who regularly work with foreign partners, this service policy, of course, causes loss to the payee and causes a number of inconveniences to the payer.
    Each freelancer tries to find the best and most profitable option for receiving payments from foreign customers, and we, in turn, decided to show our version of the payment solution.

    WayForPay Freelance- a freelancer can issue an electronic invoice to a customer and send it by mail for online payment. To pay, the payer must click on the link from the letter to the secure payment page for entering payment data. In fact, for the payer, this is just like a regular payment with a card purchased in an online store.

    The service accepts payments from abroad, while competent work with risk payments is applied. Payments undergo a detailed check to avoid fraudulent transactions, without automatically rejecting payment.

    The account can be formed in English. Available currencies for creating an account - UAH, EUR, USD. Conversion takes place at the rate of payment systems, crediting takes place in hryvnia.

    To create an invoice, you must specify the name of the product / service, its cost, choose the currency and language of e-mail. bills. After creating the account, it will be automatically sent to the indicated payer email address.

    In the system it is possible to track payments for all issued invoices. It is also possible to set up a notification by mail or SMS when receiving payment.

    Payment service commission for freelancers - from 2.5% to 2.8%. The commission is charged only upon successful payment, there are no monthly fees and connection charges.
    In addition to invoices, a freelancer can independently create payment buttons and embed on his website. This option of accepting payments is more acceptable for those who have fixed prices - for example, a package of freelancer services with a certain cost. The button is formed in the WayForPay account, when creating the button, the required amount is indicated. After the button is installed on the site, payment will occur as with a regular online purchase, when you click on the “buy” button. Payment kopka allows you to connect the reception of payments to the site without lengthy integration.

    To connect to WayForPay serviceyou must go through the automatic registration on the site. After the first step of registration, your personal account will be available where you can try to create an invoice or a button. To activate an account (store), you must complete the registration.

    If we have not yet taken into account any subtleties when working with freelancers in payments, tell us so that we can supplement our payment solution and make it as adaptable as possible to market requirements.

    WayForPay Team.

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