With the launch of the search engine on Facebook, quotes of the company reached a record high of $ 100

    Source: Bloomberg

    On Friday, October 23, at the beginning of trading in New York, the price per share of Facebook rose above $ 100. The company's market capitalization exceeded $ 280 billion.

    Since September 2012, Facebook’s total capitalization has increased by 451%. The company ranked fourth in the list of Standard & Poor's 500 index in terms of growth, Bloomberg notes . The list includes 110 companies with stock quotes above $ 100.

    A high growth rate of Facebook shares was outlined in July 2015. But then, to achieve the mark of $ 100 per share, the company did not have enough 1.7% growth.

    At 5:00 p.m. Moscow time, Facebook was worth $ 101.82 - 2.2% more than on October 22. The cost of paper following the IPO held in May 2012 was $ 38.

    About a year ago, it became possible not only to search for other users through the Facebook search bar, but also to search by friends' messages. From today, Facebook has taken another step forward and launched a full-text search on all 2 trillion posts on the social network published since its launch. This, probably, was the reason for a new jump in quotes, which led to the achievement of the record.

    Earlier, the social network became the champion in the pace of achieving a market capitalization of $ 250 billion. Currently, Facebook is considered a high-tech giant in the stock market along with Alphabet (owned by Google), Apple , Amazon and Microsoft . The social network is the seventh largest company in the world.

    The Bing search engine developed by Microsoft Corporation, for the first time in its entire existence, has reached a payback. After the publication of this information, along with quarterly reporting, the price of Microsoft shares rose to $ 52 per security. This is a 15-year record, the last time shares of the Redmond giant reached this mark in 2000.

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