Apple Music has gained 15 million users in 3.5 months. Spotify went to this for 2 years

    Over the 3.5 months since the start of the music streaming service, Apple Music has increased its audience to 15 million users. This was announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook at the annual technology conference The Wall Street Journal. According to him, things at Apple Music add up "just fantastic."

    He also noted that 6.5 million users already pay for the service at a price of $ 9.99 per month. Another 8.5 million enjoy a free three-month trial period. We service Spotify - rival Apple Music - in June 2015 was about 20 million paid accounts. The total number of users of the Swedish service is 75 million people.

    Spotify was launched back in 2008, and it was possible to overcome the mark of 15 million users only after two years. Another indicator in favor of Apple is the ratio of paid subscribers to the general audience. Spotify has about 55 million customers who have not signed up for a paid subscription.

    Apparently, in October, Apple began to charge for those users of Apple Music who did not manage to cancel their subscription before the end of the three-month test period. "Perhaps many did not cancel the subscription and paid for paid access in October, which may spoil the statistics," The Verge observers believe .

    On August 5, an announcement appeared on Apple's website about finding Android programmers to work on the company's new products.

    On July 8, the day the music service was officially launched, Apple announced that Apple Music would be available on Android devices in the fall. The number of active users of Apple Music in the five weeks since launch has reached 11 million. This was reported by USA Today. The launch of the version for Android will increase this figure.

    About two million users signed up for a “family-friendly” plan, which costs $ 14.99 per month, said Apple's vice president of Internet applications and services, Eddie Kew.

    In the same month, MusicWatch’s survey showed that 48% of users who signed up for Apple Music had already left the service. At the same time, 64% of service users said they did not want to renew their subscription after the end of the free trial period.

    However, the high popularity of Apple products and the vast ecosystem have a positive effect on the growth of Apple Music audiences.

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