Interesting weekend events

    As always on Monday, a short selection of what you might have missed over the weekend.

    All components of the success of a mobile application.

    Amazon got angry at troll reviews .

    The University of Wisconsin won a lawsuit against Apple and $ 235 million for patent infringement.

    The high price of launching Tele2 in Moscow.

    The principles of creating working software.

    Fresh essay by Paul Graham: Doomed to Perdition .

    Missile Curse of Universality .

    The eternal flashlight sets records on Kickstarter.

    The dispute over the digitization of books within the framework of the Google Books project, which has dragged on since 2005, has been resolved by the court in favor of the company .

    25 years old IMDB. PostgreSQL evangelist

    memo .

    The role of programmers in the scandal around Volkswagen.

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