New Uber Delivery Service Challenges FedEx and Postmates

    In April, Uber tested UberRUSH delivery service in New York. Now the company has launched a pilot version of the service in San Francisco, New York and Chicago. According to Uber, delivery should be done in one day.

    Uber Travel Service operates in hundreds of cities around the world. The company expects that the delivery service will receive the same popularity. So far, UberRUSH only works with local stores in three cities.

    Unlike the Postmates delivery service , UberRUSH is not a marketplace, but an infrastructure network. UberRUSH is not intended for placing orders, as in Postmates. In UberRUSH, the order only gets through the store.

    To use UberRUSH, customers must go to the seller’s website and select the appropriate delivery method. After that, sellers are automatically notified of the new order and the selected delivery method via email, TechCrunch writes .

    “Delivery” of passengers and delivery of things until it is combined into one service. Travel and delivery cannot be made using the same vehicle.

    Another UberRUSH competitor is FedEx . The American company provides postal, courier and other logistics services worldwide. Included in the list of Fortune 1000 at the end of 2012 (70th place). UberEATS

    food delivery service also operates in San Francisco and New York. According to Postmates, 75% of applications are for food delivery. But Uber plans to develop UberRUSH and UberEATS independently.

    UberRUSH shipping costs between $ 5 and $ 7. Postmates shipping costs around $ 7.

    UberRUSH partners are Shopify and Clover .

    According to the company, thousands of sellers in New York alone work with the service. Uber believes that over time, the service will strengthen its position in the market for delivery services. The most fruitful cooperation with the service may develop with representatives of small businesses, according to Business Insider. In this case, we mean small retailers or chain stores within the city.

    In comparison, Postmates operates with 2,500 stores in more than 40 US cities.

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