Apple may pay a fine of $ 862.4 million for patent infringement

    Photo: Reuters / Mike Segar

    Apple has been found guilty of illegally using proprietary technology to create the A7, A8, and A8X processors installed on Phone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, and some iPad models. The technologies in question were used by Apple to increase the efficiency of the processor; the patent for this development belongs to the University of Wisconsin in Madison, writes Reuters. The decision on Apple's guilt was made by the court on October 13.

    Now Apple will have to pay the university compensation, and the amount of the fine, according to District Judge William Conley, could be more than $ 860 million. The maximum fine will have to be paid if the court finds the patent infringement intentional, and not accidental. As part of the consideration of this case, several more court hearings will be held.

    The lawsuit was held after representatives of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation accused Apple of patent infringement. The technology that the corporation illegally used was patented back in 1998, and the patent was recognized as valid during the trial.

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