You will answer for Wi-Fi or 6 ways to increase the profit of the institution through software that identifies users

    With the introduction of fines for the lack of mandatory user identification, owners of cafes, restaurants, hotels, cinemas and other institutions providing visitors with free Wi-Fi were at a crossroads. If you go to the right (install the necessary software), you will spend money on software. If you go to the left (ignore the requirements of the law) - you risk getting a fine. But, it turns out, there is a third way: to go straight so that both the law is enforced and it turns out to be profit — purchase software, quickly pay for it, and then also make money on it.


    Today, when people around just do what they say about the crisis, the activities of any company should be subject to one rule - maximum profit making with minimum costs, but not at the expense of reducing the quality of the product or service. Any software that you buy even for a lofty goal - to become a law-abiding entrepreneur - can be a dead weight on the costs of the company, while it is designed to ultimately increase the profits of the company. In addition to the main functionality - blocking pages on the registry of resources prohibited by Roskomnadzor, filtering content not intended for demonstration to children, restricting access for all kinds of users and their mandatory identification - we have built in our system tools to attract additional customers to your business. There are many mechanisms. We provide customers with a “white” page to request access to a free Wi-Fi network and tell how to use it to build an audience, educate loyal customers, increase sales conversions and launch additional sales technology. All this ultimately leads to a payback of the software product and to making money on it. In addition, we give a powerful tool to the SMM manager, motivating him to work with a tripled force to promote the goods and services of the institution.
    Andrey Davidovich,
    CEO of Smart-Soft

    6 ways to increase the profit of the institution through software that identifies users of free Wi-Fi networks

    Attract visitors to the institution’s accounts on social networks. After authorization via SMS, the system will offer the client to go to the institution’s page on social networks “VKontakte”, “Facebook”, “Instagram”, “Odnoklassniki”, “Twitter”. The owner of the network has the right to provide access to the network only after the visitor likes the page / logs in the institution / places a post in his profile / subscribes to the group.

    Improve the quality of service by receiving feedback from customers.The functionality allows a customer service specialist to place a questionnaire on the quality of service / menu / setting on the start page when connecting to Wi-Fi or in groups of social media establishments. Feedback from visitors will allow not only to eliminate shortcomings in work, increase motivation of employees and increase their productivity, but also at the output will increase the profit of the whole company.

    Use the request page for access to the free Wi-Fi network as an advertising channel for promoting goods and services. On the start page, it is possible to post information about promotions and special offers. Here you can implement the technology of resale, making customers an additional offer to the main order.

    Educate loyal customers. The functionality allows you to implement a customer reward system: create a personal page in a group of establishments in social networks, upload a regular customer badge to your profile. Subsequently, on the pages of loyal customers you can post information about new promotions that his friends will see when updating the feed.

    To rent a "white" sheet. The institution may place advertisements of third-party companies / partners of the institution on the Wi-Fi access request page.

    Promote the brand of the institution. The login page may contain any information that works on the image of the company and enhances brand awareness.

    In addition, as a bonus from the use of software, the owner of the establishment receives full analytics: statistics of connections per hour / day / week / month, clicks of various advertising modules and other information important for building a sales system for goods and services.

    How long will it take to pay back the investment in purchasing software to identify users and when can I start earning money on it? According to the experience of our company’s customers, the acquisition costs of the Traffic Inspector Restaurant Edition pay off within 4-6 months. And then - net profit, the value of which depends on how effectively you learn to use the advertising features of the functional: communicate with customers, make them special offers, engage in social networks, implement loyalty programs.

    PS And yet, making money on software is just a nice addition to its main function: to make your business legal and avoid possible fines from the regulatory authorities.

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