6 interesting dialogs with technical support

Two weeks ago, on a train, during a trip to Moscow, we sat with the whole team and thought how else we could surprise and please our users. And we came up with such a chip ...

We have an online consultant installed on our site and instead of standard dialogs, we decided to launch thematic chats.

At a first approximation, we came up with several topics that, as it seemed to us, could amuse our customers:

  • 19th century;
  • Erotic chat;
  • Military chat;
  • Caucasian chat;
  • Thieves chat.

Upon arrival from Moscow, they began to prepare the first thematic chat - the 19th century. We picked up the main phrases.

Chat start

We have days of thematic online counseling. Today is the 19th century.


  • Hello, my dear sir!
  • Hello, dear sire!
  • Hello sir!
  • Hello ma'am!
  • Hello, dear man!
  • Request to do something (take a screenshot, give access, send username)

Please do something

  • Sir, if you please ....
  • Ma'am, if you please ....
  • Sir, do not consider it work ...
  • Ma'am, do not consider it work ...
  • Do not consider it work ...

Acknowledgment of fact

  • Yes, right, sir ...
  • Yes, right, ma'am ....
  • Right ...


  • Thank you very much
  • God grant you all health
  • Thank you very much for choosing our service!


Please forgive your humble servant


Thank you very much for contacting me!
God grant you all health!
Can anything else be useful?


What happened when we started using these chats. Examples:

We were very pleased with the effects. Many wrote to me on VKontakte that they had never met such a service anywhere. The girl admitted that she became our fan)

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