JIRA development company has grown to IPO, developing without investors

    The developer of the legendary task manager JIRA, Australian IT company Atlassian plans to go public IPO by the end of the year. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal.

    Last year, Atlassian reached $ 3.3 billion thanks to the company's outstanding financial results. Separately, it is worth noting that the company developed independently, without third-party investments. The participation of funds such as Accel Partners , T. Rowe Price Group and Dragoneer Investment Capital , was limited to the purchase of small shares. Moreover, Atlassian has been growing exclusively through word of mouth for 13 years and does not have sales managers on staff.

    Given the unstable situation on the exchanges, an IPO for the company is a bold but risky step. As practice has shown, in such periods, many startups with an estimate of more than $ 1 billion do not dare to switch to public status. According to Dealogic, since the beginning of this year, only 19 companies in the United States have conducted IPOs. Last year, over the same period of time, 41 companies became public. However, Pure Storage and Square are exceptions. Both are getting ready for an IPO this year.

    The capitalization of Pure Storage has almost reached $ 3 billion. The company produces disk storages consisting exclusively of flash drives (all-flash). Pure Storage will offer 25 million shares at prices ranging from $ 16 to $ 18. As a result, the company's market capitalization may reach $ 3.3 billion. The manufacturer of storage systems plans to attract an average of about $ 395.2 million under the IPO, taking into account all expenses.

    Last year, investors valued Squre at $ 6 billion. The founder of the company is Jack Dorsey of Twitter . Square offers payment terminals to its customers, charging 2.75% from each transaction. The company has already sent US regulators an application for an initial public offering.

    In the event of a successful IPO, in the hands of the founders (Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes) Atlassian will be almost the whole considerable amount of proceeds from the placement. Indeed, besides them, the company has practically no co-owners.

    In addition to the attractive IPO prospects, Atlassian already has a very strong trump card in its hands. The company achieved commercial success due to the sky-high demand for its products and services in Silicon Valley. After all, it is she who is one of the world centers for the development of the IT industry in general and software development in particular.

    However, the competition remains quite fierce, and the Atlassian flag still does not rise on all fortresses. JIRA is holding on tightly. But launched in 2010 and purchased in March 2012 by Atlassian, the HipChat corporate messengerlost in many markets to rival Slack .

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