RSP Nikita Mikhalkov will receive permission to levy a "tax on discs" for another 10 years

    The Russian Union of Rightholders ( RSP ) Nikita Mikhalkov will have the opportunity to extend state accreditation to the so-called "tax on blanks." We are talking about collecting 1% of the cost of consumer electronics for copying films and music. According to Andrei Krichevsky, deputy head of the RSP, the commission’s decision was made on Friday. The union received accreditation for five years in 2010.

    In total, there are four organizations in Russia that are accredited by the Ministry of Culture for collective management of copyrights - RSP, Russian Authors Society ( RAO ), All-Russian Intellectual Property Organization ( WIPO ) and the Partnership for the Protection and Management of Art Rights ( UPRAVIS)) RSP collects royalties to authors and performers of phonograms from manufacturers and importers of household appliances: tape recorders, telephones, radios, disks, and so on. RAO collects in favor of authors of deductions from television channels, radio stations, cafes and any public institutions where music is played. WIPO collects from the same companies and deduction sites in favor of performers and phonogram producers. UPRAVIS collects contributions in favor of the authors when reselling works of art and manuscripts.

    In July, the RSP, RAO and WIPO decided to unite the Russian Authors Society into cultural unions. The new union will have to re-participate in the competition for accreditation.

    In late July, it became known that the regulatory functions of the Ministry of Culture could go to the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent). Recently, she was led by former Deputy Minister of Culture Grigory Ivliev. However, for the time being, accreditation and other copyright powers remain with the Ministry of Culture. The decision on the accreditation of the RSP must be made within five days from the date of the meeting of the accreditation commission, and during this time the powers can hardly be transferred to Rospatent, RBC reports .

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