Using advice from Megamind, or our experience at ProductHunt

    Good day. Today I will talk about our experience at ProductHunt after reading the publication “How We Came Out on Product Hunt” and what we got from it. Those wishing to familiarize themselves with our experience, please, under cat.

    Almost immediately after reading the first publication on Pibox's corporate blog, I contacted the head of Soul2007 and we talked a little about marketing, promotion and our experience in this area. I was very interested in ProductHunt, as my colleague already had successful experience, and most importantly, as it seemed to me at that time, promotion on this site should give a certain information surge at a minimum cost. As it turned out, my expectations were somewhat overstated.

    After reading the article on Pibox’s blog, the first thing my team contacted was ProductHunt moderator Eric Willis, and for several days we discussed the content of our page on ProductHunt, its requirements for our landing page and publication time.

    By Friday, we had done some important things that were mentioned in a publication on Megamind and that Eric had told us about.

    Landing page -
    Prepared by Mediakit -
    Made a description of our project
    Conducted additional testing

    As soon as everything was ready, as agreed we were published on the morning of Friday, September 11th. Immediately after the publication, it became clear that the "traffic explosion" about which Ruslan spoke was rather ephemeral. Considering that Top Hunter published us and at the start, our friends from MacPaw and Pibox put about 30 likes, we immediately got to the top 10. On average, we received about 10 likes in an hour. By the middle of the working day, we were able to get into the top 5 and gain 105 likes, during which time we received about 100 downloads of our application. Unfortunately, the amount of traffic was many times less than what I had hoped for - for the entire time we arrived at ProductHunt we received only 567 downloads of our application and about 3,000 clicks to the site. Refer to the link dynamics and click geographyAlso, there was no strong information outburst, as well as proposals from investors and the attention of the press. I’ll note a negative point, by the end of the day we were overtaken by useless but “funny” projects such as Jony Jive , Cat Street view gaining 200 or more likes on the first day, I think that this is the main minus of ProductHunt, a lot of informational garbage is published every day.

    So, we got 200 likes on the first day, spent 8 hours in the top 5 and stayed in the top 10 with 206 likes. Received 600 downloads and about 3,000 clicks as well, I was invited to a Slack chat with ProductHunt administrators. What will come of it, time will tell.

    In conclusion, I would like to draw conclusions from our experience:

    1) For a successful project, ProductHunt is almost useless
    2) If you are planning any big event for Apple, Google or other giants on the day of publication, you will not get into the top 5
    3) Do not think that immediately after the publication there will be a huge attention to your project, know how to wait
    4) Keep your finger on the pulse and try to quickly respond to users to get feedback
    6) Even if you get 10,000 likes, the traffic with ProductHunt will be more than 40,000
    7) Get ready for the useless but “funny” projects to overtake you
    8) You will get many reviews I’ve been able to understand your audience’s expectations.

    Thank you for reading, I am waiting for your thoughts and comments. Have a good hunting!


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