Email Marketing for Startups

    We live in an era of technological breakthroughs and startups. But who knows about the idea, if not promoted? As a rule, any startup founder in the process of creating a strategy for promoting his product places emphasis on content placement and social networks. These marketing channels will not entail large costs, which means they will be the most optimal for promotion in the conditions of limited resources. However, in order to increase the effectiveness of the selected communication channels, do not forget about email marketing.
    People use email daily. That is why email marketing works. According to McKinnsey & Co consulting company, email marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in customer acquisition.

    There are at least 3 reasons why a startup needs email marketing
    1. The number of email accounts and traffic received from them significantly exceeds the volume of social networks.
      Some interesting statistics: The network has 3 times more email addresses than Facebook and Twitter accounts. According to Kissmetrics , all messages on social networks per day make up only 0.2% of the volume of daily emails sent. Moreover, when it comes to the contact list, the email subscriber base belongs exclusively to you, but the followers and fans belong to social networks. In addition, email subscribers are a more loyal audience than users of social networks.
    2. Email messages mean follow-up actions of subscribers. They are perceived as personal.
      There is a difference between receiving a personal message or some abstract post on social networks, which can flash in the feed as quickly as it appeared. And if you really add personalization elements to your email messages, then the conversion will be higher.
    3. Email newsletters facilitate cross-marketing.
      Many of us start our day by looking at the mail we received. It's no secret that now letters are viewed not only on a PC, but also on mobile devices. So, you can attach a link to the letter to download the mobile application related to your startup. And this is an additional channel of communication with the audience.

    Email marketing has always been low cost and high conversion. But in the SendPulse service, startups can get the opportunity to use the capabilities of email marketing absolutely free, regardless of the volume of mailing. You can read more about our offer for startups on the site.

    At what stages of development will email marketing be useful for startups? Let's look at the examples of mailing one of the startups we support - the Ecoisme project .
    • Formation of a loyal audience. Subscribers initially monitor the progress of the project and take a feasible part - fill out questionnaires, for example.

    • Help with crowdfunding. A vivid image explaining the concept of the product, personalization, clear text and a call-to-action button. That's all it takes to get an effective start-up newsletter.

    • Information on the stages of development. For the formation of loyalty, this stage is very important. Subscribers must understand what you have been doing all this time. By the way, this stage can be combined with presales of the product or holding special promotions (as in the example).

    Recall that the goal of Ecoisme is to create a full-fledged home energy management system that connects via a shield to the cable and measures the level of electricity consumption by all devices in the house. All energy consumption data is entered into a detailed statistical report to show excess consumption that can be saved.
    Now you no longer need to think about whether you forgot to turn off the iron before leaving for work. The ecois system will send you a notification on your smartphone which appliances are turned on and when it is best to start the wash in order to save energy.

    But back to other startups. To cope with your tasks and goals using email marketing, you should follow simple rules:
    • One letter - one emphasis. Do not try to tell about all the events in your startup in one letter, otherwise the subscriber will not catch the point.
    • Add various contacts to contact you. Social networks, phone numbers, mail addresses and Skype contacts ... Let the subscriber clarify the details of interest in any convenient way.
    • Write catchy topics. This is the first rule of mailing for any business segment and any company. After all, you have only 3 seconds to interest the subscriber to open a message.
    • Create your mailing list style. In this case, we are talking not only about the unique design of messages, but also about the manner of presentation of the material, the style of the text, etc.
    • Do not forget about personalizing messages. The more personal details you provide, the greater the chance to reach the subscriber.

    Connect various communication channels and use the maximum opportunities to bring your idea to the world and take your startup to a new level. And we will help you with this and provide all the features of email marketing absolutely free .
    Konstantin Makarov, CEO of SendPulse

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