Banal (but effective) ways to maintain a balance between work and personal life

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These methods will add you years of life and fill them (years) with this very (real) life!

1) Learn to say no.

Ability to diplomatically but firmly abandon obligations that would overload your schedule is very important to maintain a balance in your life.

2) If possible, leave work in the office.

In the modern world, in which e-mail and working documentation are just a click away from you, it is not so easy to relax and completely distract from work at the end of the day. But rest from work in your free time is simply necessary - this will help you regain strength and maintain clarity of mind.

3) Make a schedule for your holiday.

Usually we attribute free time to the end of the priority list. But it’s also useful for him to draw up a schedule and treat him with the same responsibility with which you approach your work obligations.

4) Do not give in to guilt.

Sometimes things do not go the way we would like, and we start working late at night or are forced to tell our family and friends that we cannot attend them at some event, although we would really like to. And spending time with guilt in these unavoidable circumstances, we only exhaust ourselves and cannot concentrate energy on our main priorities.

5) In the evening, turn off the computer.

Turn off the electronics as soon as possible, and do not take it with you to the bedroom. Keep it away from your space for rest - this will help you not to be distracted and relax more effectively without the prospect of being woken up from the sound of an email notification or SMS.

6) Watch your health.

Simple things like regular drinking water throughout the day and a balanced diet will provide you with productivity in all areas of your life.

7) Do not do several things at once.

Although we all think that we can cope with several tasks at the same time, research shows that multitasking actually reduces our productivity. Allocating time to solve one specific problem will ultimately make your work more efficient.

8) Have a rest.

It is important to find time away from your duties. Even a long weekend spent at home will give you the opportunity to relax and fill you with new strength.

9) Rely on your loved ones.

Each of us needs family and friends who understand our goals and needs and can support us. Although asking for help is not always easy, knowing your limits and the need for support will help you balance your priorities.

10) Understand that the perfect balance of work and personal life is just an illusion.

And finally, despite the fact that we are working to achieve a balance of work and rest, it is very important to come to the understanding that it is impossible to constantly keep them in perfect balance. Awareness of this will help you avoid stress when balance is lost and prevent convulsive attempts to achieve an initially impossible goal.

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