How in 2 minutes to understand the need of a site visitor and manage to bring it to a purchase


    Users visit your sites daily, but most of them never buy. Here's how to understand their interests and motives before they leave the site in order to manage to bring them to a purchase or other targeted action.

    For several months we have been working on a completely new direction in the Carrot Quest service (who still does not know, this is a service for working with visitors and communicating with them so that you do not miss a single client). The service combines the main marketing tools: e-CRM, online chat, email newsletters and pop-ups.

    But we want to tell you exactly about the new features, about the Live section, which will help you:

    • Increase online sales at the expense of those users who are now on your site;
    • Analyze user behavior and improve activation, understanding of value in the product;

    In the Live section, you can see in real time everyone who is currently on your site and the actions that each user performs. And also, write to any of them via chat or several pop-ups. The following shows how it looks in the service.


    Imagine, you know what all users on your site are doing right now, you see the individual actions of each visitor. For example, you know that the user "Vasily Petrov" on your site right now began to fill out an application for a tour to Italy (costing 70,000 rubles), but for some reason did not complete it in a few minutes, it is likely that he there are questions (problems) and he can leave.

    Most visitors, faced with a small problem, just leave. Therefore, they need additional work. If earlier it was impossible to track such users in real time, now we have gone even further. You don’t want to miss such a profitable potential customer, how much more is he already 90% ready to buy? Therefore, you can contact conditional Vasily Petrov, help him and bring to the purchase. Sometimes it’s enough to just ask a question and this will invigorate the user and increase confidence in the purchase.

    Recently, we wrote a detailed article “ 38% of sales due to an online consultant ... ”, in which we said that at the last stages of a purchase, people have a greater sense of risk and how it can be mitigated by communicating with a client.

    At that moment, when he stopped in placing an order, you can write him in 3 ways:

    Chat message

    This is the most “democratic” way to communicate with the user. A chat message doesn’t jump halfway to the screen, but rather accurately addresses a visitor to your site. Further, he himself will decide whether this is relevant for him. If he is busy placing an order, as in the example above, but he does not need help, you will not distract him.


    Earlier, we described in detail about our chat in the article “ Communications 3.0 or a new sex chat

    Show small popup

    You can send the user a small pop-up that does not interrupt the user session. It will appear in the corner of the site and if the user is ready, he will make the target action in this pop-up window.


    It is important to note that you will immediately receive a notification about the user's response and you can continue chatting with him .

    Show large popup

    If for some reason you decide to interrupt the user's session and show a large pop-up window that he cannot miss, then this can also be done.


    Such a pop-up window interrupts a user's session and until he closes it, he will not be able to scroll the site. Sometimes it is useful, but not always. It is important to understand that it’s worth sending it only when you are 99% sure that the user will see this in favor.

    You can select a user segment and send a message to the entire segment

    If your site has a large flow of visitors, then in the Live section itself you can filter them (will divide them into segments by their actions). This will allow you to work and track in real time only those who are very important to you now (for example, those who have already begun to place an order or have viewed the same product several times - because these are the hottest leads).

    We understand that often there is no time to write to each user. Therefore, we made it so that you could send a message immediately to the entire segment (for example, those who did not complete the application, came by UTM-tag or came from Germany, etc.).


    It’s important to catch many users on your site, because they may never come back. Given that it is not often that ordinary visitors leave an email, there is a risk that they will no longer have another opportunity to sell them. Therefore, it is periodically necessary to track the segments of such visitors on your website and bring them to your purchase using various tools. Moreover, many are already ready to buy from you, only they lack quite a bit of your attention.

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