Online commerce in Ukraine legalized and regulated

    The deputies of the Verkhovna Rada today adopted in second reading the law No. 0957 , which regulates online commerce, including e-commerce and electronic money. For the adoption of the law voted 235 deputies, writes AIN. In the first reading, this law was adopted by the parliament of the previous convocation last year. If the law adopted in the second reading is signed by the president, then Law No. 0957 will enter into legal force.

    The author of the bill is People’s Deputy Olga Belkova. According to her, the main purpose of the bill is to give electronic transactions a legal status similar to the status of transactions using written documents. The consequences of the adoption of the law is to simplify the interaction of representatives of online trading with authorities.

    The text of the document defines such legal events as “electronic transaction” (“the action of a person aimed at acquiring, changing or terminating civil rights associated with the use of ICT systems”), “electronic communication”, “online store” (method for the sale of goods through electronic transactions) and so on.

    Also, in one of the articles of Section III there is a provision on the need for the buyer to receive an electronic transaction confirmation in the form of an electronic document, receipt, commodity or cash receipt, coupon or other document. Such a check should contain information about the seller, including name, address, procedure for accepting claims on the goods, warranty obligations.

    The law also provides for the need to conclude all transactions online using a “one-time identifier” - this is a alphanumeric code that must be sent to the buyer by mail or mobile phone. Such a code should be used to verify the transaction.

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