The Fast Way to Pixar Success with Khan Academy

    MikeWe all love Pixar and its innovative animated projects, only misunderstood as cartoons (although we also like cartoons). And today we have great news: Khan Academy (Khan Academy) - a non-profit educational organization founded in 2008 by a graduate of MIT and Harvard Salman Khan (not to be confused with the popular and notorious Indian actor) is now in partnership with Pixar opened access to free courses of learning technologies underlying the creative process of Pixar Animation Studios.

    The collaboration between Khan Academy and Pixar Animation Studios has allowed people to access a free resource to learn about the creative sidelines of the studio. The course is called Pixar in a Box., and is a collection of online academic tools sponsored by Disney, which includes video tutorials, various interactive exercises, and hands-on exercises.

    A unique platform hosted on the organization’s website provides specialized content along with insights into how Pixar movies are performed. The course was specifically designed for students, although it is available free of charge for students of all ages.

    Students are given the opportunity to discover opportunities that allow Pixar specialists to create worlds, various character animations and tell stories through animated films. Alice Klaidman, director of Pixar University and Archives, said that over the years, teachers from relevant disciplines have received requests for the transfer of experience and knowledge. And today this long-awaited event has occurred. Pixar in a Box makes this dream of many a reality. “We hope that this will not only give students an outside view of the Pixar cuisine, but also provide insights into the concepts of the STEAM concept (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics).

    The course will teach students various aspects of the creative process, including combinatorics used to create multiple characters (swarm of robots in WALL-E), parabolic models used to simulate environments (forest in Brave), and the use of a wide variety of tools.

    Part of the course covers the basic concepts of linear and cubic interpolation used in character animation, trigonometry to create environments and systems of equations used in colorizing images.

    According to the organization, these lessons are only the first phase of the project, focused on mathematical aspects. In the future, we plan to work even closer with Pixar in other aspects of animation.

    Video announcement can be seen below.

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