The difference between the OneMarkt marketplace and its main competitors

    During the existence of the project, from January 2015, we changed the concept several times in accordance with our own observations and tests. We tried to make the product accessible and understandable to everyone, and also not like competitors. In the end, we decided to use the standard idea of ​​the marketplace, but present it a little from the other side.


    The main problem was the creation of intuitive site navigation for both buyers and sellers. We did not want to make thousands of pages for each process. Something needed was one-two-page. And here is what we did.
    The main page of the project is a Ribbon with posts of participating stores. Here they can quickly upload information about new arrivals of goods to their stores, make posts about ongoing promotions and discounts, and also share useful information with potential buyers.

    A new user who visits the site sees all the latest store news, sees the stores themselves, recently registered in the system (which is an additional promo for these stores). If he needs a specific category of goods, say “Dresses”, then the user can go to another page with all categories of goods on the site. Moreover, he can use the search bar.

    If the user wants to register his store on the site, then this can be done within 5 minutes, including the first download of the product. Everything happens as quickly and simply as possible.

    Thus, OneMarkt is suitable for participating stores for daily work with the platform. Potential buyers will always see the latest news from the store, and are more likely to want to visit its storefront and make a purchase.

    In the near future, we will add several functions that will allow stores to further simplify the work with the platform, and for customers to make the most profitable purchases.

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