Founder Tips. Victor Koch, Slinky - Part 2

    “Founder’s Tips” once again introduces Megamind readers to the stars of the Russian IT market, the founders and managers of their own business.

    Victor Koch is the founder of , the largest repository of GIF files and a search engine for them. Victor managed to work in large companies, including Google and Pinterest, in order to gain experience and at one point move towards creating his own business.

    This is the second part of Victor's advice, the first is here .

    I think many people have recently noticed such a “karmic” situation of the global Internet market and automation, namely the absolute - anti-professionalism in Internet professions. No one can say for sure how many people are currently working online, but I think that it’s not enough.

    250,000 people? 350,000 people? 500k? Fingers aren’t enough for sure!

    How Much Is The "Fish"

    You know, but it doesn’t please me for many reasons, because most of the people in this gigantic line do not understand what they are doing in this obscurantism. Yes, after a number of feature films, it has become fashionable to work on the Internet and generally be connected at least somehow with the global network (especially social networks), but what happens at that moment with those people who really support technology and do not want to compete with this? a pasture of pseudo-specialists?

    For example:

    Professional journalism was killed by errand boys who simply copy-paste everything that others write. I do not propose engaging in the cutting out of these malicious consumers of content, as the “guests” of Moscow do with the inhabitants of Russia, but I think it’s time to clean the organizations of unprofessional people in their places.

    Of course, it is very difficult to do this and it will require enormous resources, but now imagine what will be the outcome of such actions from all entrepreneurs and business owners? Users will be satisfied with high-quality content and will worry less about the fact that their application does not fulfill the declared functionality, and Internet companies themselves will be able to hold on to the market more tightly without additional investment in marketing.

    What happened to the market today is difficult to name, but the situation is very strange and deplorable. Almost any girl who has learned how to type text on a keyboard considers herself a professional in her field and gets a job in some kind of publication. Any boy who wrote "Hello World" thinks of himself as a programmer, much less a developer.

    If this is only the beginning of global degradation, then it's time to send money to SpaceX startup so that Elon Mask will build a rocket to move people to Mars.

    Of course, many will write that this topic is very controversial and many of these people will become great, but they can hardly believe ... Ask ... for example, Arkady Volozh or Igor Ashmanov. What was it to develop during the first Internet wave? I think that hardly any of them will say that they simply "took and received what they wanted." Look carefully at these people and their biography. They were not “clerks” and certainly did not think to get rich right away.

    I will give a real example from building an organization

    In organization A, they hired 1 professional and 5 lobsters, who can do nothing except how to post “cats” on social networks. What happens to one professional through time? Yes, they got it right! He will say, “But have you all gone to drink a smoothie ... I have nothing to do here.” As a result, the person leaves and falls into the “dream” job search cycle, but what happens to the organization in such conditions, after all, these 5 litter walkers think that they are guys! Our time has come and it's time to be the boss. As a result, for 3 years in organization A there are only lazy people. Why?

    1 - The shaker cannot determine the professionalism of the candidate

    2 - The shaker is afraid that he will be humiliated by mental superiority

    3 - The professional feels that he is hobbled by a shredder and says right away - if you would not go to the bathhouse!

    I am not inclined to depress and to mandate on the problems of the common market, but in truth, I’m scared of such crap. After all, now it’s not in fashion to be Gagarin’s own business, it is not fashionable to be a geek who is afraid to put in a word about his invention. Now it has become a trend to shout everywhere that we have made such products that pipets + attracted a lot of money, i.e. (borrowed a bunch of shekels from everywhere).

    I am 100% sure that most of the people who read this post will understand and tell me. Listen, this man is right! It's time to act! Therefore, the main message for those who did not want to delve into this post:

    The Internet is not an industry or a vacuum cleaner where everyone can penetrate from the street without experience. Here, at least, you need to work hard and earn trust, but the worst thing about all this is the desire to get rich quickly, which completely kills the guarantee that the contractor will fulfill the order on time.

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