Dental Cloud Dental Automation Cloud Service Released

    Dental Cloud has announced an update to the online service for managing the dental office and clinic of the same name, which was launched in March this year.

    According to the developers, the service was replenished with the "Workplace of a doctor." Prior to the upgrade, the Dental Cloud service implemented work with patients, maintaining the staff list of doctors and appointment calendar, working with accounts, client billing. After the update, each doctor will be able to choose between conducting the treatment process in the "paper" medical records of the patient or switching to maintaining a medical history in electronic form.

    Among other features added to the Dental Cloud are : graphic toothbrush; patient cards; visit cards; treatment cards; appointment appointment widget - posted on the clinic website and integrated with the service itself (appointment information is automatically posted in the system).

    “Choosing an electronic format for working with a patient will optimize the work of a small private clinic and a practicing dentist,” said Alexey Kalachnikov, independent director of the company. In addition, in the updated version of the Dental Cloud SaaS service, the interfaces are completely changed - now they are made in the concept of a single page application, which allows you to work with the service on mobile devices in a browser.

    “In the near future, the Dental Cloud service will turn into a full-fledged communication platform in which multifaceted communications between a doctor and a patient will be implemented. In the meantime, our cloud service for managing the dental office and clinic fully meets the needs of practicing doctors and small dental clinics, ”said Yaroslav Osetrov, CEO of the company.

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