How to build a startup database in any country in 15 minutes through AngelList

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If you are busy with a monotonous process, then chances are good that it can be automated. AngelList is a platform that connects investors and startups. There are 1300+ startups registered in AngelList in Russia, and you can work with them directly through the site, but you won’t be able to search by various parameters and manage the list.

There are 2 ways I know of building a startup base with AngelList.

The first way is simple. Requires minimal programming skills

AngelList has its own Restful API . If there are no programming skills, I advise you to find a skilled person and delegate the task to him. The solution will greatly simplify your life, but there is not much work.

1. Register the application, get tokens.
2. Next, for simplicity, download a simple Python library from GitHub .
3. Then we indicate our tokens
4. We rewrite the getTagsStartups method so that you can go to the next pages in the output
def getTagsStartups(self, access_token = None, tag_id = None, page=None):
      if tag_id is None:
        raise AngelListError("the tag_id param is required for this api call.")
      return self.do_get_request('%s/1/tags/%s/startups?access_token=%s&page=%s' % (self.API_ENDPOINT, tag_id, self.access_token, page))

5. Call the getTagsStartups method (tag_id = '1677') to get JSON with the first issuance of companies in Russia. For other countries, the id should be different: 1717 for France, 2215 for Greece, 1682 for Singapore, etc.
6. We look at how many pages we got in the output
7. We call the method with the page parameter in the loop as many times as the pages turned out, writing everything to the file in parallel.
Done. The results are stored in json, which is quite readable. If someone finds a way to convert it to a more convenient format, it will be great to see this in the comments.

The second method is painful. Requires patience


There is a startup . The company provides a free application for scraping information from sites. The site has detailed instructions on how to collect information about employees with AngelList.

After an hour of working with the application, I gave up, since the first method already solved the problem well. Managed to pull out only 50 companies. But if you peer, the process will go faster. In any case, they are working on the product. Let's hope the application works better.

UPD Megamind reader shared another way that allows you to upload 100 companies in .csv format. There is an export button in the list of companies.
Unfortunately, csv will not have as much information as in json. In particular, in csv there is no description of the companies and contact information.

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